Man told ‘drive or you’re next’ after neck stabbing

WHEN a Blackwater man grabbed a knife out of the hands of Travis Northey and threw it away, he probably thought that was the end of the altercation.

But what he didn't know was that Northey had a second knife, one that he plunged into the victim's neck.

Yesterday Northey, charged with malicious act with intent, appeared in Rockhampton District Court for day one of his trial, which will work to determine whether he intended to cause grievous bodily harm.

Northey previously pleaded guilty to wounding the man, who appeared as the first witness yesterday.

The victim and his wife live on a farm outside of Blackwater where the incident happened in January 2014.

The court heard Northey was at the farm with a co-worker, Jesse Dawson, to fix an excavator which was owned by their boss.

That morning the victim went down to invite them to lunch at the homestead, which they accepted.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips said that during lunch Northey had about two drinks before returning to work, and later that afternoon he and Jesse returned to help the victim, who was fixing his own excavator too.

Mr Phillips said as Jesse started work on the excavator Northey and the victim had some drinks; they shared about three quarters of a bottle of whiskey in two and a half hours.

Towards the end of the evening the court heard Northey smashed a glass on the victim's bar, and after that he asked him to leave.

The victim said Northey apologised and they shook hands, but as he and Jesse went to leave, the victim saw his knife, wrestled it out of his hands and threw it away into the long grass.

The court heard when Jesse and Northey were in the car he pulled a second knife and stabbed the victim in the neck, then threatened Jesse, "drive or you're next".

The victim's wife took him to Blackwater Hospital at 5.45pm with a 5cm laceration to the left side of his neck.

He was then flown by Careflight to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. Mr Phillips showed the jury the knife used in the attack, with the initials TN engraved on it and bloodstains still on the blade.

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