Manslaughter trial hears brother struck accused with pot

A ROCKHAMPTON court yesterday heard how Mark Mizzi tried his best to resuscitate half-brother Shane Francis Forno while the latter lay in a pool of blood.

In day two of the Mizzi trial, in the Rockhampton Supreme Court, it was heard from a video interview in 2011 that Mr Forno (the deceased) had struck a pot against Mizzi's nose while the pair was in the kitchen of Forno's unit.

At the time, two Rockhampton CIB officers were interviewing Mizzi on Boxing Day, 2011.

The recorded video was played to the court.

During the recorded televised interview, Mizzi said his half-brother had lost his balance after Mr Forno struck him with the pot and fell.

During the course of the fall, it was alleged that Mr Forno hit his head against a bench top before hitting the ground.

He told the officers in the interview that he tried to support Mr Forno by lifting the back of his head.

The court heard from the interview that Mr Forno's then partner, Gale Peckham, who was disabled at the time, entered the kitchen in her wheelchair and found the pair on the floor.

"She kept yelling, 'you did this, you did this'," Mizzi said in the recorded interview.

Mizzi told the officers Ms Peckham wheeled over to him and kicked his forearm.

In his opening statements on Wednesday, Crown prosecutor Josh Phillips told the jury how Mizzi, his two children, Mr Forno and Ms Peckham attended an uneventful Christmas party at neighbour Jo-anne Rickson's home in Berserker.

Justice Duncan McMeekin will today sum up the evidence.

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