Many skills in parenting; it all comes back to nature

AS A parent you never know if you are doing things right when raising your kids.

Everyone has their own opinion on how it should be done.

Even while pregnant you get given so much advice, and then it never stops.

Diet, discipline, the right age to let them do things; so many topics so many are authorities on.

How do you really know the right way to raise your kids?

Our adventure last month in South Africa took us to Kruger National Park where nature was there for all to see.

Lions, elephants, zebra and giraffe; all creatures great and small as nature intended.

While watching nature at work I noticed the differences in the parenting.

The elephants were very protective of their young, guiding them along walking tracks, shielding them from prying eyes of humans and potential threats.

Harry Bruce Supermum October 2, 2014
Harry Bruce Supermum October 2, 2014

Yet when we came across a baby hyena it was lying on the side of the road, with not a responsible parent in sight.

Rest assured, if you were silly enough to step out of your car to get a bit closer you would find exactly where mum was… probably sinking her teeth onto some part of your anatomy.

Getting back to those elephants… I found out later baby elephants stay close to their mothers for years, but around the age of 12, yes, when puberty comes along, the males are cast out of the group.

My son is about to turn 12.

I'm sure there will be times I would love to follow the example of elephants.

But I am more like that mother hyena; happy to let my son spread his wings on his own, while watching from a distance, and would do anything to protect him if he needed it.

And that is where human nature comes in.

We are all individual creatures.

Some kids need strong discipline. Others need the freedom to make their own decisions. And yes, sometimes you will feel like casting them out of the group.

Parenting isn't the easiest job in the world, not even for me, Supermum, or my Superman, but we do our best.

One thing our kids know for sure is that we love them.

It's the one part of parenting I know we got right.

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