Martie "Drover" Robson relaxes yesterday in Rockhampton’s CBD. Martie says he feels great. CHRIS ISON CI

Martie reckons, stress less

MANY Central Queensland folk, like Martie “Drover” Robson, eat, drink and smoke too much.

Just like Martie, they’re not as stressed in life as their city counterparts and are pretty happy with their health.

But new figures show Central Queenslanders have performed worse than the state benchmark on key health indicators.

The most alarming indicator, from the Queensland Health telephone survey, shows the rate of smoking among Central Queenslanders is well above the average.

But while Martie smokes a pack of 20 a day and drinks about a carton of beer a week, he’s pretty happy with his health.

“I wake up every morning and I feel good,” the 45-year-old said.

“I’ve never been sick in my life... I’ve had a fair few injuries, but I’ve never been sick.”

He said he ate well and loved nothing more than a good feed of veggies.

He also is a big walker and keeps fit by riding horses.

As a stockman he gets to spend plenty of time outdoors, but said he’d never been sunburnt in his life, despite never using sunblock.

“Mate, I wear my hat and sunglasses and I’m lucky because my skin goes straight brown,” he said.

The results of the Queensland Health telephone survey were released earlier this week and they showed Central Queenslanders performed poorer in areas including weight, smoking, blood pressure and activity rates.

Acting chief health officer Dr Christine Selvey said while there were some positive results from the survey for the state, there were also some that were “disturbing”.

“While we will continue with our prevention programs targeting issues such as smoking, alcohol, nutrition, physical activity and cancer, it is up to the individual to make decisions that attain and maintain good health,” Dr Selvey said in a statement.

Queensland Health conducts annual surveys to help monitor the state’s health status to assist planning and setting priorities.

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