Glenda Mather.
Glenda Mather.

Mather supports drug testing workers

LIVINGSTONE Shire councillor Glenda Mather says a policy to implement mandatory drug testing on council employees would take care of a bit of "unfinished business".

Cr Mather said staff drug testing was one of the many policies open for adoption after last year's de-amalgamation from Rockhampton Regional Council.

The councillor said she would support the policy's introduction when it came before council some time this year.

It seems she already has the community's support, with an overwhelming majority of 87% voting in favour of drug testing council staff in an online Morning Bulletin poll opened last week.

Sixty-six percent were supportive of drug testing across the board for all Central Queensland businesses, and 89% supportive of testing those receiving dole payments.

Cr Mather said she anticipated the support of her peers.

"It needs to go through the interest test once again before it's adopted, and I expect it will be," she said.

"I haven't raised it with them (fellow councillors) yet, but I feel sure they will act responsibly.

"They read the newspapers, they see the height of the problem; it's not just in Australia, or worldwide, but within our own community."

Cr Mather said her support for the policy was centred on the need for council to represent a safe and healthy environment.

She said all local governments should have a drug testing policy in place, following the lead of many mining companies across the region.

"We are the caretakers of the public's assets, we need to make sure they are safe and our staff are safe," she said.

"With all of the increased drug scene out there now, we have to be very mindful of our responsibilities to our staff and the responsibilities of our staff.

"It's not just alcohol, it's all types of drugs today and we need to be aware."

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