Mayor explains what's skewing Rocky job loss numbers

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A TREND analysis has given Central Queensland a worrying outlook when it comes to employment, but the Rockhampton Region mayor Margaret Strelow said the findings were skewed by the geographic area the Fitzroy region covers.

Analysis by Conus Consultancy Services has shown 8700 jobs were lost in the Fitzroy region.

This was compared to Mackay, where unemployment has fallen to 3.9%.

Conus economist Pete Faulkner said Rockhampton was now holding its breath in hopes of being chosen as the FIFO hub for Adani's Carmichael Coal Mine.

However, Cr Strelow has warned these figures were likely not accurate for Rockhampton alone with the region being analysed, Fitzroy, covering Emerald, Moura, Blackwater, Gladstone and Yeppoon as well.

She said the sudden drop referenced in the findings was likely out of the slow down on the LNG plant in Gladstone.

"That said, it's pretty obvious that our broader region has lost jobs and so have we,” Cr Strelow said.

"Many of the regional job losses that are being referenced by the consultant occurred fairly quickly between eight and 12 months ago with the most recent data showing relative stability with a very slight up tick in the past month.

"Clearly we are very hopeful for a positive announcement from Adani for FIFO.”

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