The Rockhampton CBD lit up at night.
The Rockhampton CBD lit up at night. Scott Reynolds

MAYOR'S DESK: Jobs all in a day's work

ADVANCE Rockhampton tends to go about its investment attraction fairly quietly.

Of course you see their event management skills on display regularly and the work Advance Rockhampton has done to drive fishing tourism has been very visible too.

But for some other areas of their work it's a lot of hard slog and the returns may take a while to eventuate.

A few weeks ago I wrote a column which gave a summary of the work being done to engage with China.

This is starting to bear fruit and we have recently seen two significant purchases in the CBD of Rockhampton.

Today I'd like to shine a light on a single event as an example of the sort of everyday work the AR team deliver.

Remember that Advance Rockhampton is a fully integrated arm of Rockhampton Regional Council and has full responsibility for tourism, marketing, events and economic development within RRC boundaries.


Mayor Margaret Strelow.
Mayor Margaret Strelow. Allan Reinikka ROK080319aartgall

Early this month Advance Rockhampton delivered a Rockhampton Opportunities seminar in Brisbane.

I was returning from a quick trip to Canberra and so was able to break my journey and spend some time with the 130 people who attended to learn about investment opportunities across the region.

The event was organised and hosted by AR's Young Beamish, and the keynote presenter was AR's manager, Tony Cullen who outlined investment opportunities in:

Property development: investment ready projects.

Renewable energy development: solar and bio energy development opportunities.

Aged care industry.

Agriculture for trade and investment.

Major projects, job growth and its positive prospect for skilled migrants.

Two Rockhampton recruitment companies presented on job growth, skilled migrants and international students.

A representative from Business and Skilled Migration Queensland presented information about changes to the visa system which favours regional areas and other presenters offered guidance about the foreign investment regime and some information about financial systems in Australia.

Advance Rockhampton has been working with local businesses to improve processes, packaging and marketing - the array was impressive.

I spoke to several of the guests after the event.

Many of them were from agencies that assist international businesses and migrants and were very impressed that Rockhampton was "putting itself out there" in such a professional manner.

In fact, two southeast corner councils have since contacted us as well.

Two potential investors who attended that day have already scheduled visits to the region and will be hosted by Advance Rockhampton and linked with opportunities that fit their interests.

You may never hear what comes from those visits.

It could be a dry gully, or it may be a handful of new jobs that are created.

It is all in a day's work for the team at Advance Rockhampton.


-- Margaret Strelow, Rockhampton Mayor

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