Boxing coach Brenton Doblo.
Boxing coach Brenton Doblo. Allan Reinikka ROK071217adoblo5

Mayweather's gloves-on influence inspires CQ boxer's venture

VISITORS to Rockhampton's newest boxing gym will have the chance to train on the very ground Floyd Mayweather fought on.

Brenton Doblo is opening up his own business, Archer Street Boxing, in the new Health Fitness Wellness Hub on the corner of Archer and Kent streets in January.

The 28 year-old Rockhampton man has spent the last nine years travelling to Las Vegas to train and throughout this time, he had the opportunity to train in Mayweather's boxing tent.

Mayweather catapulted back to the top of the highest paid athletes list and solidified his title as greatest boxer of all time after his victory over UFC great, Conor McGregor, in August this year.

Through his connections, Doblo was able to score a canvas from a boxing ring Mayweather had a fight in.

"It is going to be big feature when you walk in," Doblo said.


Preparing for Sparring at Mayweather's Boxing Club
Preparing for Sparring at Mayweather's Boxing Club Contributed

Doblo first began travelling to Las Vegas in 2008 and it was through his coach, Chris Ben-Tchavtchavdze, he was able to be a part of Mayweather's boxing club.

"I watched both of the Marcus Maidana camps, the Canelo Alvarez camp and the Manny Pacquiao camp," Doblo said.

"So being invited to watch one of 'the best ever' train, spar and fight everyday is not an opportunity I took for granted.

"And I was lucky enough to be personally given tickets from Floyd for the first Maidana fight and the Canelo Alvarez fight."

A true dedicated fan, Doblo would wait for up to six hours in the gym for Mayweather to show up.

"There were days I would get a text message at 1am saying he will be in the gym in 20 minutes," he said.

"And you know what I did? Got out of bed and went and watched him."

Each experience was one Doblo will never forget.

"It was really surreal to see him training," he said.

"I can't even explain him, the difference to how he trains to everyone else."




Sparring at Mayweather's Boxing Club with World Rated number 8 at the time J'leon Love in preparation for his fight against Jason Escalera in 2015.
Sparring at Mayweather's Boxing Club with World Rated number 8 at the time J'leon Love in preparation for his fight against Jason Escalera in 2015. Contributed

Being in the fight capital of the world, Doblo said the culture of Las Vegas was something else.

"I was surrounded by Amateur Golden Glove Champions, Olympians, International Champions and World Champions everyday," he said.

"It was the best of the best boxers in the world and I got to watch, train with and spar with them day in day out.

"The level of exposure you get in Las Vegas is second-to-none."

Doblo plans on using his international experience and knowledge as a inspiration for his boxing club in Rockhampton.

"Our main goal for the gym is there is a lack of boxing in Rockhampton and I want to build that up, develop the sport of boxing, it is an Olympic sport and there are opportunities," he said.

"To bring the sport to Rocky and further develop it."

While he has spent many years competing, Doblo is excited to branch out into a different avenue of boxing.

"I fought when I was in Las Vegas, that was probably my highlight, but my passion lies in coaching," he said.

Through his years of training, Doblo has come to learn what coaching is all about.

"You need to have a concept of understanding how people learn," he said.

"There is a knack of breaking everything down and getting everyone to do it the right way."

Over the years of his boxing career, Doblo has had many coaches who have influenced him.

"My first coach Justin Loomers, Chris Ben and Gareth Williams, each one has given me a different spin on coaching," Doblo said.

"All three are really different in styles and how they coach.

"You pick and choose what you like from each and build from there."

Archer Street Boxing is aimed for everyone, not just professionals.

"It is not just a gym where you have to fight and compete, we do have that as well, but we do cater for beginner levels," Doblo said.

"We have kids classes from eight and up, boxing for fitness and squad training and camp boxing.

"It's for anyone who wants to be do is as part of their fitness regime or doing it to compete."

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