TEAM MCMILLAN: (From left) Catherine George, Tory Acton, Drew Wickerson, Michael McMillan, Bob Pleash, Brett Wass, Stephen Schwarten and Amanda Marshall.
TEAM MCMILLAN: (From left) Catherine George, Tory Acton, Drew Wickerson, Michael McMillan, Bob Pleash, Brett Wass, Stephen Schwarten and Amanda Marshall. Allan Reinikka Rokamcmilla

Mayoral candidate announces first shadow council meeting

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council mayoral candidate Michael McMillan will hold his team's first bipartisan shadow council on Sunday.

Several weeks ago he finalised the make-up of his team of seven councillor candidates , who will join him to contest the March 2016 local government election.  

Mr McMillan said the motivation to run with a team of supporting councillor candidates was born from a desire to establish 'real' change; a positive, proactive and cooperative approach to civic leadership.  

Mr McMillan and his team are holding their first shadow council community meeting on Sunday at the CQ Bid Leagues club (12-2pm).

"We are currently witnessing a major shift in the global political landscape, a collapse of public confidence in the traditional 'party' political system and logically people are looking to local government to find answers to their concerns," Mr McMillan said.  

"Our council will face significant strategic and economic challenges in the years ahead.  A critical issue facing our region in the immediate future is how we will drive sustainable growth and create employment opportunities against the backdrop of a contracting resource sector and turbulent global economy."   

Mr McMillan said the Rockhampton region deserves the best credentialed and quality council representation our community can assemble.  

"We require council leadership with the ability to establish a clear vision and long-term plan for our future, with the capacity to engage the community and work productively with all key stakeholders, government and business to formulate and deliver the developmental programs and policies that will support real growth and jobs," he said.  

"The March 2016 RRC election will prove to be one of the most important in our region's history.  We cannot be complacent relying upon state and federal government intervention to underpin our region's development; we must be proactive and take the lead in determining our own future."  

With less than six months remaining until the local government election, Mr McMillan declared that his team of councillor candidates would be working hard to ensure the people of Rockhampton were presented with a legitimate alternative, distinguished by a consultative and proactive approach to regional and economic planning, service delivery and community development.    

"I believe we have been successful in identifying a group of quality councillor candidates with the necessary business acumen, skills, vision and experience to serve our region and drive strategic change," he said. 

"Although bound by the united objective of driving the Rockhampton region to realise it's full potential, our group of candidates remain committed to the democratic process and to the legitimate representation of independent divisional interests.   

"We are united in the belief that robust debate and team work brings outcomes for the community we want to serve. We have welded together a bipartisan diverse team that will embrace the community.    

"It is my understanding through the implementation of our unique approach to this campaign we have not only succeeded in identifying a group of dedicated councillor candidates but also in the establishment of the first 'Shadow Council' entity in Australian local government election history.    

"We will listen to the ratepayer and provide real opportunities for grassroots involvement while setting out clear policies that have been tested in the community and will pose as our platform for election to council."  

"Our team is drawn from the spectrum of social, professional and political backgrounds," Mr McMillan said.  

"The comprehensive pre-selection process that each candidate underwent ensured we fulfilled our commitment to deliver new energy, intellect, capacity and determination to the council chamber."

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