Ken Murray - Independent
Ken Murray - Independent Joanne Knobel

Meet Capricornia's only independent candidate

ONLY one independent candidate will be contesting the seat of Capricornia this election, but it will not be Ken Murray's first time on the ballot paper.

Boasting a vast career in the building industry as director and private building consultant at his AAA Building Consultants in Clermont, Mr Murray said his campaign would be one of "common sense".

He said the benefit of voting independent was that the voters would dictate his actions in parliament, not parties.

"The very first person that won the seat of Capricornia was an independent, so I think my chances are very good," he said.

"I am the only candidate who can truly speak the mind of the people and address the concerns of the people. Not too many people speak about the grassroots level."

Mr Murray took the plight of Central Queensland's neglected regional roads to the election in 2016, and the only returning candidate plans to do the same again.

"We need government grants to finish the tar sealing of our Clermont-Alpha Highway link entry into Capricornia, and the repair and upgrade of the Moranbah to Clermont Peak Downs Highway to help prevent so many deaths and injuries and for protection of the lives of Mistake Creek School children," he said.

He described himself a man who liked to fix things which was evident when he came to the aid of Maxi Bader, a first home-owner who lost it all to flooding in 2013.

"I'm known in Rockhampton for campaigning to get compensation for Maxi, when her brand new house was flooded on Elphinstone Road, and the major parties wouldn't help her," Mr Murray said.

"I'm known for helping people with their building problems and when they are in trouble, after having bought property that they later find has structures with no council approval."

Decasualisation and promoting local jobs also ranks highly on Mr Murray's list, as does the go-ahead of the Adani project, with some conditions.

"We need Mr Adani to expand his priority employing radius from his Carmichael Mine, to at least 250km instead of his currently only 100km, so that Moranbah, Clermont, and Dysart are not shut out of priority employment because they are more than 100km away," he said.

He also said he would like to make double-sure future mining projects would not interfere with surrounding natural assets like the Doongmabulla springs, the Great Artesian Basin, and other national parks by supporting independent review processes.

Implementing a curfew for adolescents was also an option Mr Murray would put forward to tackle antisocial behaviour in the region.

"We need more facilities and help for youth groups for the youth to learn constructive things, rather than destructive, to help reduce crime," he said.

"A late evening to early morning curfew for youths under 16 is needed, to protect our elderly and vulnerable."

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