Day off for Melbourne Cup a sure bet among Rocky punters

IT SEEMS Central Queenslanders would jump for joy if the region had a public holiday for Melbourne Cup.

The Morning Bulletin asked its Facebook users whether they would support such a change.

The overwhelming majority (75%) of the 124 people who voted, were keen.

The question was asked on the Facebook pages of all 12 APN daily papers, and interestingly it was those in Central Queensland who were strongest supporters (see accompanying graph).

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Do you think the Melbourne Cup should be a public holiday?

This poll ended on 31 October 2014.

Current Results

Yes! It's the race that stops the nation after all.


No, it's not needed.


Yes but I think it should be unpaid.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Here are some of the comments posted on The Morning Bulletin's Facebook page:

Megan Kerr: Victoria yes! National No!

Pauline Craig: Boo to you...we all love it not just victorians

Lyn Deasy: Yes.

Sue J Thomson: I don't see why we can't have a holiday only those that really have to work do anyway.

Norm Foyster: No. How many kids go without because of their parents gambling. It's only a horse race. We don't get a holiday for a car race.

Dean Ruff: Can we also make it a public holiday for Bathurst 1000 weekend, Clipsal 500, all tennis events, cycling events, surfing events, cricket matches, and all other sporting events that happen throughout the year? Actually why don't we just have the whole year off and never go to work? lol. There's only one way to follow a horse and make money off it...... And that's with a bucket and shovel!!!!

Tracey Spencer: Yes might as well. It's not like you do a lot of work that day anyway. Between sweeps and morning teas and lunch that goes for hours....

Ros Lacey McClintock: As a stay a home mother of school aged kids, I say No. Lol

Sonia Donaldson: because we should celebrate an event that encourages gambling and animal cruelty? no!

Carly Marie Gibbons: Can't understand why it isn't. Unless you are a pub/licensed venue business is so slow anyway! The race that stops the nation should allow all of the nation to stop!

Cheryl Evans: I think it's a holiday in Melbourne so can the rest of us have it too?

Amanda Danda Williams: Business owner says "no". Workers say "yes".

Andrea Heuer: Definite yessssssssss

Amanda Charles: No. It promotes gambling, and animal cruelty.

Anna Climpson: Yes absolutely! It's the race that stops our nation

Matt Taxi: would be good or at least close doors for that hour or 2

Maria Finlay-Frenken: NO, it is a horse race for goodness sake ...... and all you see on the TV is drunken yobbos making a fool of themselves, this is a great way to portray a nation............ NOT

Joshua Keene: Nope, it's only popular cause we can gamble. Bathurst should be

Christie Brown: Yes yes yes yes

Rhonda Muldoon: I think a half day like Charleville has would be a good idea.

Gibby Lethbridge: Just switch for one of the other 10 public holidays we already have! Or one of the 10 sick days per year or one of the 20 annual leave days. Why not?

Cathy Stacey: Yes, it's the race that stops a nation, not just Victoria.

Gregory McMillan: Definitely yes more important then the Queens birthday to me.

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