Long lost message
Long lost message

Message in a bottle found after 33 years

WHEN  I was 12 years old I wrote a message on a scrap of paper, popped it in a bottle and lobbed it into Mountain Creek in the backyard of our Tanawha home.

I can't really say why, but I do recall that the creek was in flood at the time and I guess I wondered how far those flood waters would take my message. As it turns out, not very far; only a few kilometres in fact.

The surprising thing is not the distance it travelled but the fact that the note was written over 33 years ago in 1981 and was only discovered by a resident near Rainforest Sanctuary in Buderim 6 months ago.

Bryce Cuschieri went for a walk with his girlfriend behind his house near Rainforest Sanctuary and picked up a bottle because it looked old. He then realised the bottle had a note in it and put a message on Facebook to "Help me find Tricia".

Well it took over 6 months to find me. One of Bryce's friends tagged my second cousin Tahnii Cunning in the post. She asked her mum Tracey if she knew who Tricia Cunning was, and of course she did.

I had grown up living next door to her husband Paul Cunning.

I got the surprise of my life last week when Tracey phoned and asked if I had put a message in a bottle in 1981!

I've had such a great response to the story on Facebook and so many people have gotten a kick out of the letter itself.

I really do think that 12 year old girl expected the bottle to be found one day.

Tricia Bull




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