Oaky North picket line miner speaks out on foul rape threats

A protester at the Oaky North picket line says the majority of workers were angry when they heard of the comments.
A protester at the Oaky North picket line says the majority of workers were angry when they heard of the comments. Contributed

AN OAKY North miner is angry and disappointed at the fellow protester who it's claimed threatened to rape someone's daughter.

The claims came after footage was released showing some miners making vile threats at contractors who had taken their jobs while they protested against Glencore's proposed enterprise agreement.

It's another messy episode in an ongoing saga for the 190 workers and Glencore, who have been at loggerheads over the proposed EA since May.

The miner, who has been locked out of work for 100 days, said the majority of people at the picket line were also disgusted by the threats and believed if someone did say it they should be charged and prosecuted.


Now one protester is facing charges and four are being investigated for intimidating behaviour towards miners who refused to protest.

"It is disgusting and goes against every fabric of my character and it would be the same from everyone else out there," he said.

The miner, who would not be named for fear of losing his job, because speaking to the media is against Glencore's policies, said tensions were high at the picket line as the news of these allegations made national headlines.

"It taints all of us into the category of being a lowlife," he said.

The miner said he felt like he was a political pawn as the Liberal National Party called on the Australian Labor Party to cut its ties with the CFMEU.

"The CFMEU, because of their control and their donations to the Labor Party, are law breakers who are becoming law makers," Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said.

But the miner said despite rare visits from CFMEU organisers, the picket line was full of men who were interested in their EA and not State and Federal politics. He claimed to be there on the night the horrid comment was supposedly made and told the Daily Mercury that there were questions raised at the picket line about if it was said at all. "I didn't hear it and nobody else I have spoken to heard it," he said.

He said the timing of the release of the footage, believed to be filmed by Glencore security contractors, was not a coincidence as the next vote on the proposed EA is on October 24, 25 and 26.

In a letter to the workers on October 6, Glencore said if the EA was voted down again it had the right to terminate the current EA, which would return the workers to the base Black Coal Industry Agreement.

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