Anglo American have revealed photos of Gibihi Rd damage at Moura mine.
Anglo American have revealed photos of Gibihi Rd damage at Moura mine. Anglo American

Mining giant reveals new images of CQ mine road's mega crack

PHOTOS have emerged from Anglo American that depicts the true extent of the Gibihi Rd damage.

The international mining giant has advised they will be publishing a fortnightly Dawson community update.


Gibihi Road has been closed since November following a routine blast when cracking first appeared on the road.

The new photos show the full extent of how deep and wide the cracks are.

The aim of the publications are to provide regular updates on the Dawson Mine road access issues and other mine information that will be of interest to the community and stakeholders.

Anglo American have said, in their first update, that their priority is restoring safe public access across the mine lease as soon as possible.

"The Gibihi Road failure was unexpected and investigation into the cause of the incident indicates the circular geotechnical failure is significant and extends between the mine and Gibihi Road.

"The area is extremely unstable and continues to be monitored using a slope stability radar system.

"Anglo American, in consultation with Banana Shire Council, is conducting an options study to determine the safest approach for future public vehicle access.

"The technical requirements to develop options has been more complicated and taken more time than originally expected due to the failure mechanisms.

"We apologise for the uncertainty and frustration this has caused. Please be assured restoring access is our priority and we are working hard to ensure a solution is found as quickly as possible.

"We expect to be able to conclude the assessment of options within the next two weeks.

"Anglo American has agreed access arrangements with Queensland Emergency Services in the case of medical emergencies."

Anglo American have advised there is a current alternative route of Kianga Road.

"An alternative route is available via Kianga Road, which has now been graded to improve access. Anglo American is conducting regular dust suppression and is installing temporary electric fencing to improve safety conditions of the road. Anglo American is also investigating additional options to upgrade the road in the near future.

"If using Kianga Road, please drive slowly and carefully and observe road conditions."

They will also be conducting a community impact study.

"Anglo American understands the closure of Gibihi Road has caused frustration for all road users. We apologise to the community for the disruption.

"To understand the full range of impacts of the road closure, Anglo American has appointed professional services firm, Ernst & Young, to conduct a community impact study.

"Ernst & Young will consult and seek feedback from the community on behalf of Anglo American. Final details for community consultation are being confirmed and will be communicated soon. Interested parties may pre-register for consultation sessions by emailing:"

The mine lookout road was damaged on November 9, following a routine blast which caused cracks from the pit's endwall.


November 9, 2017: Gibihi Road is closed following a routine blast as cracking appears from the pit's endwall onto the road.

Anglo American launches an investigation into the cause and meets regularly with Banana Shire Council.

November 10, 2017: Neighbouring landholders are provided with alternative access through the mine.

November 13, 2017:Anglo American appoints a dedicated project manager to work with Banana Shire Council.

November 24, 2017:Anglo American conducts initial risk assessment of the road closure, including alternate emergency routes, which is endorsed by Queensland Emergency Services.

November 28, 2017:Early findings from Anglo American's investigation indicate a circular geotechnical failure resulted in movement of the pit endwall extending to Gibihi Road.

December 11, 2017 - February 2018:Anglo American commences studies on road access restoration options, in consultation with Banana Shire Council.

February 1, 2018 :Results of extensive geotechnical investigation indicating significant instability of the area.

February 5, 2018:Kianga Road is graded as an alternative route for light vehicles (subject to good weather conditions).

February 12, 2018: Anglo American seeks to understand all impacts and appoints Ernst & Young to conduct a social impact assessment.

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