Mixed reaction in Central Queensland to poor polling by LNP

IF A state election had been held this week, the LNP would have been voted out, according to data from a new Reachtel poll.

Results indicated the LNP would lose 35 seats, reducing their numbers to 39, based on preference flow from the last election.

The last possible date for the next Queensland election is Saturday, June 20 2015.



Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne.
Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne.

Member for Rockhampton, Bill Byrne (ALP):


Bill Byrne was not surprised by the results.

"I have felt the Newman government was making bad decisions one after another," he said.

"They're essentially alienating every quarter of our community one step at a time.

"You cannot treat communities in that fashion and expect not to pay that price in the polls."

He said he had been quietly optimistic about Labor's prospects at the next election for a considerable amount of time.

He raised issues with Queensland Health contracts and the dispute with doctors.

"Doctors... are a very considered, dedicated and informed strata of our society and it takes a special sort of incompetence for a government to alienate that group."

But he also said Labor should not get carried away about individual polls.

"We're in Opposition against a very powerful government with a large majority," he said. "I don't diminish the challenge in front of the Opposition."

"(But) they'd be brain-dead if they didn't realise they've got a real problem."

He pointed out the Redcliffe by-election, held in February, at which there was a 17% swing against the LNP.


Member for Keppel, Bruce Young (LNP): 

Keppel MP Bruce Young.
Keppel MP Bruce Young.


Bruce Young (above right) is not concerned about the poll results.

"I don't worry about polls; the only poll I worry about is the poll on the day," he said.

"We've made some hard and tough decisions that have been unpopular, but those decisions have been made with the long-term view of making Queensland a safer place.

"We have a government that was left a massive debt, and some of those decisions that we've had to make are never easy."

He said the VLAD (bikie) laws had great results in the Rockhampton region.

"I understand people's concerns about some aspects of the bill which is the association," he said. "We've had to modify the freedom of association so that we, as a government, can deal with the outlaw motorcycle gangs."

He also said he came in to deal with law and order and health.



Aspiring politician Doug Winning
Aspiring politician Doug Winning

Defence lawyer Doug Winning (seeking membership to PUP):


Doug Winning (right), who wants to become the next Attorney-General, said the results were unsurprising.

"The question then becomes, given their popularity, who should rule?" he said.

He believes the LNP has forgotten "bread and butter issues" like child care, jobs, wages and economic development.

"(Queenslanders) want people who are not career politicians, such as myself, to take up the reins and clean up the mess," he said.

"I think there is a real fear in the community that this government is out of control."

He has no doubt the LNP will be voted out.


Member for Mirani, Ted Malone (LNP): 

Ted Malone.
Ted Malone.


Ted Malone said he never took any notice of polls, and the important thing was the election was still 12 months away. "The Newman government has had some pretty big challenges," he said.

"With the debt that's been left to us with the previous government, the interest we've been paying is half a million dollars an hour.

"The government that does nothing will not necessarily be criticised, our government is actually doing."

He said with criminal motorcycle gangs "spreading their tentacles" over large areas of Queensland, something had to be done to stamp them out.

"When you do that you're always going to get some kickback," he said.

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