Latest sporting news and results in Monday Sport Round Up.
Latest sporting news and results in Monday Sport Round Up.

MONDAY ROUND UP: Latest sport news and results


Grafton Archery

Results of Indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, February 23 and 25.

Tuesday: Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Scores out of 200: (15 Mts) Natalie Shepherd 193 (with a Robin Hood)(Senior Sighted), Toby Revell 191 (Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 189 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 188 (Junior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 181 (Junior Sighted Recurve), Luke Skinner 172 (Senior Sighted), Ian Sherdan 171 (Senior Sighted), Jaz Trickett 166 (Junior Sighted), Kurt Johnson 147 (Senior Sighted), Ian Revell 142 (Senior Sighted), Ethan McDonough 118 (Junior Sighted), Heath Revell 117 (Junior Sighted), Merv Kerrison 112 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Rayne Hartley 106 (Cub Longbow), Racheal Binskin 88 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs. Scores out of 300: (15 Mts) Steve Parker 296 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 295 (Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 282 (Senior Sighted), Toby Revell 275 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 273 (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 271 (Junior Sighted Recurve), Jaz Trickett 256 (Junior Sighted), Gavin Bridges 220 (Senior Longbow), Alan Wilson 205 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 199 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 193 (4 X's)(Senior Sighted Recurve), Matt West 193 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Phil Adams 136 (Senior Longbow). Score out of 100: Mitchell Firth 100 (Senior Sighted), Toby Pennell 78 (Cub Sighted), Kristy Pennell 52 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Results of Outdoor shoot: (Paper)(Grafton Hunter) held Sunday, February 21, at Bawden's Bridge course.

Scores out of 400: Gordon Kelly 278 (Senior Bare Bow), Natalie Shepherd 242 (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 234 (Junior Sighted), Sharon Parkes 180 (Senior Sighted), Jeff Thompson 160 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Greg Parkes 132 (Senior Sighted), Ian Revell 108 (Senior Traditional Recurve). Scores out of 200: Eric Parkes 108 (Cub Sighted). Score out of 170: Noah Shepherd 72 (new bow)(Junior Sighted).

Next outdoor shoot: (3D) Sunday March 7 at Bawden's Bridge course, 10am start. Sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Indoor Archery at 21 Turf St Grafton, the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy St. Tuesday from 6pm, Beginners, Cubs, Juniors and Seniors. Thursday from 6pm, Seniors, Juniors, Cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.

-Jeff Thompson


Grafton Bridge Club

Grafton Bridge Club has a new venue, large enough to cope with an increase in playing members and the COVID restrictions. Starting from Thursday March 4, our matches will be played at the Grafton Services Club in Mary St. Starting time for both Thursday and Friday games is 12.15pm for 12.30pm.

An eight table match was played on Thursday February 25. The EW side was won by Peter McGruer and Tess Bloomer with Jenny Sharpe and Geoff Hiatt second. NS was won by Bob Northam and Neil Nagle with Claire Henry and Joan O'Connor second.

A four table match on Friday was won by Fran and Geoff Hiatt with Carolyn Seymour and Pam Dougherty second. On Tuesday February 23 an online match was won by Mary McCrohen and Denise Llewellyn with Nettie Bennett and Neil Nagle second.


Grafton District Anglers Club

The Grafton District Anglers Club's February 2021 rock beach and estuary outing was held on the weekend of February 6-7.

Twenty-one members registered to fish but only five weighed in fish. The winner of the senior division was Ron Waterson with 17 luderick. In second place was Denis Wynn with six bream. Third place went to Brett Lentfer with two bream and three flathead. There were no junior winners.

-Terry Daly



The 2021 Zone 1 South pairs qualifying rounds for the State Open and Senior divisions were held at the club over the weekend. The first two rounds of qualification were played under punishing weather conditions on Saturday and despite the circumstances, participates demonstrated great willingness and perseverance with some very high-quality lawn bowls being played. Unfortunately, in what proved to be a premature call to cease proceedings due to intemperate weather on Sunday afternoon, the final round was postponed.

In the State Open division, Yamba has three of the four sides remaining in the competition with Dave Clark and Alan Abbott needing to defeat the Maclean combination of Rob Wetzel and Ray Ryan if they are to realise a position in the Zone 1 play-offs. While on the other side of the draw, Yamba is guaranteed representation when Greg Johnson and Martyn Wood eventually play Steve 'Scruffy' Jackson and Jim Johnson.

In the Senior division, Yamba looked in a strong position to gain multiple representation at the Zone 1 play-offs with five of the eight remaining sides in the third round of qualifying. However, Dave Atkinson and John Deale went down to the GDSC pairing of Gary Harrison and Allan Knox 21 shots to ten; Brett Pingel and Ron Smidt fought an intrepid battle against Rob Power and Keith Garner, also from GDSC, but lost their prolonged encounter by 20 shots to 17; Cliffe Vagg and Ian Parker almost tasted victory over the Maclean duo of Paul Burns and Des Johnson but failed to nullify the wet-weather magic of Des and his 'wand' by 21 shots to 18; unfortunately two Yamba sides had to face each other with defending champions Col Lindsay and Graham Meany eliminating the compelling combination of Greg Dickman and Terry Johnson by 26 shots to 12.

It is intended, weather permitting, for the final qualifying round of both divisions, apart from the game between Greg Johnson and Martyn Wood against Steve Jackson and Jim Johnson, to be played at the club on Thursday commencing at 1pm. The remaining game will be contested on a date yet to be finalised.

The President's Reserve division was successfully hosted by the Red Rock Bowling Club and after a delayed commencement, the outcome looked promising for the Yamba sides of Jake McHutchison and Bill Andrews and Mark Bilton and John McGovern with both taking wins in the first round. However, they fell in the second round with Mark and John going down to eventual qualifiers, Frank Gilmore and Bruce Agar of Wooli, by 19 shots to 15 and Jake and Bill experiencing difficulties against the intrepid Iluka combination of Steve Davis and Frank 'Cisco' Mayoh going down by 30 shots to six. The second qualifying position was claimed by the Brooms Head combination of Reg Austin and Steve 'Sparra' Colley.

Women's' Bowls NSW and Bowls NSW Unification Roadshow to be hosted at Yamba

The Women's' Bowls NSW and Bowls NSW Unification Roadshow has commenced across NSW with representatives meeting with members to share the work completed to date, discuss the benefits of the unification model, and importantly answer any questions from the bowls community. Yamba will be the host venue on Thursday March 4 with the meeting scheduled to commence at 10.30am. Bowlers and representatives intending to participate can register through the link:

Although registration is not compulsory prior to attending, it is strongly recommended and will assist with planning and enable the organisers to communicate any schedule changes or venue capacity constraints.

The final of the club's 2021 Minor Triples Championship will be played on Wednesday with defending champions, Keith Smith, Bob and Chris Gunning, facing a real challenge from Jack Atherton, Dave Beaumont and Paul Conley. Both sides recorded significant victories in last week's semi-finals when the defending champions slowly dismantled Phil Maddison, Mark Bilton and Gary Taylor to take the win by 34 shots to 11. While the new combination of Jack, Dave and Paul responded to an early challenge from Steve Farrar, Don Lee and Tony Reynolds and proved too strong over the closing stages to take victory by 24 shots to 17. The final will begin at 5.30pm.

A total of 34 teams from across the Clarence River District will congregate at the club this weekend to contest the 2021 CRDWBA State Mixed Pairs. Play begins at 8.45am with the first day comprising sectional play of three games of 15 ends. Sunday will involve the section winners advancing to the knockout elimination finals rounds. Yamba has a large contingent of participants in the championship and we wish all who participate good luck.

Men's social bowls is continuing on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. All games commence at 1pm and nominations can be made by telephoning the Bowls Office on 6646 8669 or by recording participation details on the nomination sheet adjacent the Bowls Office prior to 11.30am on the intended day of play.

Wednesday February 17:

Winners: Nev Hillyard, Mick Mickelburgh and Steve Butler

Runners Up: Bill Cox and Paul Lozelle

Encouragement: Steve Farrar and Jim Johnson

Friday February 12:

Winners: Keith Smith, Tony Jackson and Martyn Wood

Runners Up: Ian McCausland, Chris Muldoon and Graeme Dennis

Encouragement: Norm Greenup, Norm Anderson and Alan Abbott

-Don Freeman



This week 86 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom four were first timers and 16 recorded new personal bests. Representatives of six different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 10 volunteers:

Darryll SMIDT • Riley SMIDT • Jenny VICKERY • Jacqueline BLOMSTROM • Karen BARNIER • Scott BARNIER • Henry SHEEHAN • N'dea SKEELS • Warren JACKSON • Georgia SKEELS

1 Lachlan WILCOX Male JM15-17 19:58

2 Savannah BARTLETT Female SW25-29 20:53

3 Jo POWELL Female VW45-49 Jetts Fitness Grafton 20:55

4 Max RAYWARD Male JM11-14 Grafton Runners 21:14

5 Gavin RAYWARD Male VM40-44 Grafton Runners 21:38

6 Isaac HUXLEY Male SM20-24 22:05

7 James KIDD Male VM35-39 22:54

8 Scott BARNIER Male VM50-54 23:07

9 Jennifer PORRA Female VW50-54 23:17

10 Brittany HUXLEY Female SW25-29 23:27

11 Andy BLACK Male VM50-54 23:48

12 Madeline MCKEOWN Female JW15-17 24:40:00

13 Rod HUXLEY Male VM60-64 24:51:00

14 Andrew MOULDS Male SM30-34 25:15:00

15 Michael MCKEOWN Male VM55-59 25:22:00

16 Ryan ATKINS Male VM35-39 25:32:00

17 Jason Harold WADE Male SM30-34 26:00:00

18 Renan FENERICH Male VM35-39 26:03:00

19 Sharon DENLAY Female VW45-49 26:17:00

20 David HASSETT Male VM50-54 26:28:00

21 Robert LILLEY Male VM55-59 27:18:00

22 Cassandra POWELL Female VW40-44 Jetts Fitness Grafton 27:19:00

23 George FARMER Male SM30-34 27:30:00

24 Lindsay NASH Male VM50-54 27:34:00

25 Claudia BARTLETT Female SW25-29 27:46:00

26 Unknown

27 Jenni CULLUM Female VW45-49 RUN DOWN UNDER 28:27:00

28 Leah STEVENSON Female VW45-49 29:10:00

29 Balla TRAORE Male VM35-39 29:35:00

30 Lillie TASKER Female JW11-14 29:45:00

31 Tara COMMERFORD Female JW11-14 29:48:00

32 Tom BURKE Male VM55-59 29:49:00

33 Henry SHEEHAN Male VM50-54 29:52:00

34 Brian WINTERS Male VM70-74 29:54:00

35 Leonard HAMBLETON Male VM45-49 30:05:00

36 Unknown

37 Jen IRVING Female VW35-39 31:35:00

38 Joel LENEHAN Male JM10 31:52:00

39 Jahn LENEHAN Male VM35-39 31:52:00

40 Megan SMITH Female JW15-17 32:01:00

41 Letitia BLACK Female JW15-17 32:40:00

42 Dusty BEBBINGTON Female SW25-29 32:58:00

43 Kim DARBY Female VW55-59 33:18:00

44 Helen WRIGHT Female VW45-49 34:26:00

45 Sally WHITBURN Female JW10 34:54:00

46 Peter LAKE Male VM65-69 35:00:00

47 Gavin WHITBURN Male VM45-49 Pat Carroll Running Group 35:14:00

48 Christina COSTELLO Female VW50-54 Jetts Fitness Grafton 36:02:00

49 Amy MCKAY Female VW35-39 36:09:00

50 Emily WIBLEN Female VW35-39 36:23:00

51 Kim MCKENNA Female VW60-64 36:28:00

52 Unknown

53 Unknown

54 Unknown

55 Chiara HASSETT Female SW25-29 38:16:00

56 Claudia BROUGHTON Female SW25-29 38:31:00

57 Sarah HILL Female VW40-44 39:12:00

58 Erin HASSETT Female VW45-49 39:21:00

59 Melissa HYATT Female VW45-49 39:52:00

60 Mallory COLLINS Female JW10 40:40:00

61 Simon COLLINS Male VM35-39 40:41:00

62 Zoe COMMERFORD Female JW10 40:43:00

63 Nadine COMMERFORD Female VW40-44 40:43:00

64 Cortney KLIENDEINST Female SW25-29 40:43:00

65 Shamira TRAORE Female SW30-34 40:52:00

66 Bianca YOUNGMAN Female SW30-34 41:00:00

67 Kristy SMIDT Female VW35-39 Salvos Striders 41:00:00

68 Kristina HUXLEY Female VW55-59 41:10:00

69 Pat DUCK Male SM20-24 42:27:00

70 Josh BARTRIM Male SM25-29 42:27:00

71 Jean TULLY Female VW65-69 42:28:00

72 Genevieve HASSETT Female JW15-17 44:15:00

73 Rachel LENEHAN Female SW30-34 45:31:00

74 Tahlia LENEHAN Female JW10 47:35:00

75 Greg I WILCOX Male VM55-59 48:15:00

76 Ann PULKKINEN Female VW75-79 49:38:00

77 Keiran SHANLEY Female VW45-49 50:29:00

78 Pam HARVEY Female VW70-74 51:34:00

79 Graeme HICKS Male VM70-74 51:50:00

80 Margaret RYAN Female VW70-74 51:51:00

81 David THOMPSON Male VM70-74 52:10:00

82 Leila THOMPSON Female VW65-69 52:40:00

83 Karen L WILCOX Female VW45-49 53:26:00

84 Lucy HOWARD Female SW20-24 54:20:00

85 Unknown

86 Jenny VICKERY Female VW60-64 54:23:00

The male record is held by Reece EDWARDS who recorded a time of 15:43 on December 31 2016 (event number 64).

The female record is held by Katie PORRA who recorded a time of 18:01 on December 26 2020 (event number 227).

The Age Grade course record is held by Don RODGERS who recorded 83.27% (20:31) on June 29 2019 (event number 191).


Grafton Services Swim Club

Storm activity caused all thoughts of having a swim last night dashed in a moment and the handful of forever hopefuls that did show up at the pool were given an early mark.

A reminder to members that the McGearey Memorial swim is being held at Lismore on March 11 and it would be great to have as many members possible attend. It is a night time swim followed by a very casual barbecue and if you cannot spend the night your arrival back in Grafton should be no later than midnight.

With the summer season gradually drawing to a close, swimmers should be making the most of the remaining time left to add some precious points to their tally as Presentation Night is being held early in May.

Eight members from Grafton will be competing at the AIF Nationals at Southport on March 6 and we wish them good luck in the pool in one of the strongest competitions they are ever likely to encounter.

-Toni Ensbey

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