Monster who raped, tortured daughter given 48 yrs jail

WARNING: Readers will find the contents of this court story disturbing

HE STUFFED his daughter in a locked box overnight, returning the next morning with a home-made sexual torture tool he used to penetrate her and bash her around the head.

A machete pressed to the young girl's throat, he threatened to kill her if she told anyone what had happened, then bound her body with barbed wire and left her helpless and terrified for another night.

She had failed to meet her father's high standard in her athletic endeavours. This was her punishment.

Police searching the family's property found a chicken shed where several of the rapes took place.

Its walls bore the marks of the girl's abuse - the words "trapped", "dad" and "mum is coming" scratched into the wood with a nail.

Now the girl's father, once an elite athlete himself, and the mother who helped him rape and torture their daughter for 14 years have received their own punishment.

Sydney District Court Judge Sarah Huggett said no jail term could make up for the disgusting abuse the Northern NSW couple, who cannot be named to protect their daughter's identity, put the girl through.

She sentenced the father to a maximum 48-year jail term with no possibility of parole for 36 years, noting he showed "not even a modicum of remorse" and struck her as being "over-confident, arrogant and as having an inflated sense of self-worth".

The mother, who was found guilty with 17 offences which included taking part in sexual acts with her daughter, received a 16-year sentence with no parole for at least 11 years.

Both parents maintained their innocence.

The father was found guilty of 73 offences ranging from rape to torture.

He would have been jailed for more than a thousand years if Judge Huggett's separate sentences for each crime were taken alone, rather than the concurrent sentence she imposed.

Defiant until the bitter end, the father repeatedly shook his head from the dock as a record of his abuse was read to the court.

Judge Huggett said the girl was eight when her mother gave her advice about "making noises" when her father had sex with her, because it "would be better for the father and significantly would be better for the daughter".

"She intentionally encouraged her daughter to actively participate in that conduct," Judge Huggett said.

The mother also penetrated her eight-year-old daughter's private parts with her finger, a form of abuse that would continue for years.

On another occasion, the mother lifted her nightie in front of her daughter and masturbated, telling her it would feel good if they touched themselves in that way.

She explained how to make a penis erect, demonstrating with her own mouth how her daughter should perform fellatio on her father.

She told her daughter she had "a good father who did everything for his  daughters", Judge Huggett said.

The mother once asked her whether her father was "doing things to her to toughen her up" and said he had his reasons and she should listen to him.

At age 12, the girl was in bed naked with her parents who were both sexually assaulting her.

When the girl felt ill and vomited over the side of the bed, her father told her she was disgusting and forced her to clean up the vomit by eating it, the court heard.

On another occasion, when he thought she was pregnant, the father made his daughter try a new "training technique" where she repeatedly dropped a medicine ball on her stomach.

Judge Huggett said the abuse would worsen when the girl "failed in training sessions to perform to the high standard her father expected of her", but noted he would still sexually abuse her whether sports were involved or not.

She rejected the notion it was an effort to improve the daughter's future, finding it was "rather because of his completely selfish desire to bask in the accolades of her successes, as her coach and her father, and with complete disregard to the high costs for his daughter".

On other occasions the father held her head underwater, forced her to eat mouthfuls of hot chilli and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about their home life.

The court heard the girl, now in her early 20s, had attempted suicide multiple times and suffered flashbacks to her abuse.

She told the court: "I will be forever damaged by the torture and the inhuman treatment I had suffered."

A psychologist said her father, taunting her, often told her she would never "have the guts" to kill herself.

The court heard the young woman's genital area was left "abnormal" from the attacks and her capacity to have a consensual, mutually satisfying sexual relationship was severely impaired.

Judge Huggett noted the husband and wife were considered pillars of their community, citing several character references which seemed inconsistent with the crimes they committed.

She said she was not surprised - the father's priority, bordering on obsession, was to maintain a public  front so "people were hoodwinked as to his true nature".

The mother curled her lip and shook her head when the judge suggested she too was devoid of repentance.

The earliest the mother can be released is 2027. The father will be locked up until at least 2049.

Judge Huggett said, given his age, there was a fair chance he would die in prison.


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