Motels not happy about hookers

CASHED-up prostitutes causing problems at local motels are being called upon to build their own premises.

Two frustrated Rockhampton motel owners who spoke to The Morning Bulletin yesterday have made the call as prostitution services running out of their motels increase dramatically, causing issues for other guests, including families.

"Our hands have been tied behind our backs (due to anti-discrimination legislation)," one Rockhampton motel owner said.

Recently, a Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal decision ruled a prostitute did not have a discrimination case against owners of Drover's Rest Motel in Moranbah who refused her accommodation.

QCAT's decision was based on the fact the motel had a liquor licence and under the Liquor Licensing Act a licensee could take steps to ensure business other than the provision of accommodation was not conducted from the motel or hotel.

The motel owner, who plans to take advantage of the QCAT ruling, said the problem would be that those prostitutes moved on from licensed venues would move to unlicensed venues.

Another motel owner, who doesn't hold a liquor licence, said it took them four years to turf out prostitutes when they first took over the establishment, but they had come back in abundance in the past 18 months, getting progressively worse.

The owner said they had recently found a male-on-male prostitute working out one of their rooms, and after discovering what he was charging, worked out he had earnt about $1700 in one day.

"Easy solution to big problem - with all the money they are earning, buy their own property," they said.

"As I have explained before, moteliers do not discriminate against a person occupation. It is the behaviour and conduct that goes with prostitution that is the problem."

Accommodation Association of Australia chief executive Richard Munro said the ruling meant accommodation providers now had clear parameters to refuse rooms to prostitutes.

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