Mother, 26, behind bars for meth trafficking

A WOMAN who said she smoked cannabis and methamphetamine to relive pregnancy cramps appeared in a court in Rockhampton yesterday.

The Supreme Court at Rockhampton heard Eileen Aimee Clark was involved in a "well established" drug trafficking operation.

Clark, 26, pleaded guilty to one count each of trafficking a dangerous drug, possessing a dangerous drug and possessing utensils used in smoking a dangerous drug after police intercepted her during a covert drug trafficking operation in Gladstone.

She was sentenced to three years jail, with a parole eligibility date in April 2017.

Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker told the court the 26-year-old told police she was responsible for a bowl of cannabis and a pipe which her partner was charged for during a search of a hotel room in April this year. She told police she smoked the cannabis and used the pipe to smoke speed to relieve pregnancy cramps.

"She is unwilling to disassociate herself from drug culture," Ms Baker said. "She has an expanding criminal history and there is a plethora of evidence that this defendant is a user."

The court heard Clark previously sent 1900 text messages to a methamphetamine supplier, making contact on a daily or twice-daily basis during a two-and-a-half month trafficking period between March and June last year.

The court heard Clark sent and received text messages relating to collecting drug debts, supplying drugs and tips on how to make methamphetamine "more saleable".

Ms Baker said Clarke had a $3000 to $5000 rolling debt with the supplier and was owed a total of $6000 "on tick" by 13 customers.

She told the court Clark usually purchased one gram of methamphetamine for between $750 and $800 except purchased 18g for $9000 on one occasion in June.

"Her business was well-established, it was not novice," Ms Clark said.

Defence lawyer Marie Willie said Clark purchased up to $300 worth of methamphetamine a day for personal use during the trafficking period.

"It was not purely for financial gain, it was also by way of supporting her own habit," Ms Willie said.

Justice Duncan McMeekin told Clark she had a "disturbing" criminal history.

"What you have done is evil, you have helped to spread this drug in the community," Mr McMeekin said. "It gives judges like myself not the slightest pleasure to put young people in jail."

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