'Mother of spiders' scares Qld woman with its 20cm legs

PEST controller Gavin Shill has been in the business for 17 years, but he's never seen a huntsman this big.

He was called out to Brisbane's West End on Monday to attend to the "mother of all spiders" by a horrified homeowner - an arachnophobe who spent 40 minutes cowering at the other end of the house, held ransom by the behemoth with a 20cm leg span.

When Mr Shill arrived, he could see why.

"I don't normally get flabbergasted by a spider, but that one had me going," Mr Shill admitted.

In a horrifying account of what happened next, the All Year Pest Solutions owner said he attempted to coax the spider to the ground before it jumped behind the fridge.

He then took the household broom to "escort it outside" and the enormity of the creature struck him.

"Your standard broom head is about 30cm, and I would say the spider covered three quarters of that head," he said.

"The photos really don't do it justice."

VIDEO: A huntsman mother and her 100 children make a new home in a mailbox in Victoria.



Speaking to South-West News, Mr Shill then imparted another spine-tingling titbit: huntsman spiders keep growing until they die.

"But most of the time spiders are more afraid of us than we are of them," he said.

"Huntsman spiders are actually very friendly creatures, and you could say they are nature's pest controllers."

For that reason, he suggested relocating them if they found their way indoors.

"The best thing to do is put a bowl over the top (of the spider) and slide a bit of paper underneath," he said.

"Then just put the bowl outside and it'll crawl out."

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