Rocky MP accuses the LNP State Govt of creative accounting

IT MUST be an election year for the Deputy Premier of Queensland to take the time to respond to a local constituent in Rockhampton. Let's hope we see that on every occasion.

Readers should expect the LNP to portray themselves in the most exaggerated, unsubstantiated and optimistic fashion. The simple truth is that the Newman government has failed to provide any dramatic and innovative capital investment for Rockhampton.

The Deputy Premier's dubious list of claimed achievements deliberately avoids the significant comparative point. Labor invested much more heavily in this region than the LNP has done, or is ever likely to do. The LNP are also very creative with the use of numbers.

This week the Australian Bureau of Statistics job data showed the Newman government's policies have been disastrous for Queensland.

The number of jobs in the state fell by 11,700 in January alone as the unemployment rate rose to 6.1% - a level not seen since the height of the Global Financial Crisis.

Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne.
Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne.

The long-running multi-million-dollar redevelopment of Rockhampton Hospital, including the development of the regional cancer facility, which will transform care for cancer patients in Central Queensland, was conceived and funded by Labor.

The previous Labor Government funded the $149.1m upgrade. It was paid for by debt that the Newman government argues should never have been raised. By Mr Seeney's own logic, he would never have paid for this vital investment in our community.

In contrast, the LNP has orchestrated significant underspending on patient care to pay for the helipad at the hospital. It is paying for its health infrastructure investment through savings by prolonging the pain and suffering of patients.

Rockhampton schoos are worse off because the government walked away from Federal Labor's funding deal last year.

Bill Byrne, Member for Rockhampton

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