Mr Iwasaki calls for business support

IT WAS a promising sign for the Capricorn Coast as Yoshitaro Iwasaki sat at Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's table at the Northern Queensland Economic Summit in Cairns earlier this week.

Mr Iwasaki, owner of the Capricorn Resort, was one of the key presenters at the summit where he discussed his ties to the Capricorn Coast establishment and his interest in finding a business partner for the proposed $600 million master-plan redevelopment.

Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig said Mr Iwasaki's presentation showed that Mr Iwasaki and the Iwasaki Sangyo Company had a lot of pride in what they had created in Central Queensland.

"Mr Iwasaki's family was one of the first major Japanese tourist developers in Queensland and the company has been committed to Central Queensland for more than 30 years which the Premier praised him for," Cr Ludwig said.

"Some of the things Mr Iwasaki touched on was the fact that many Japanese tourism companies had pulled out of Australia during the global financial crisis but that his company had stayed the distance and supported the region with employment of over 300 full-time and casual staff.

"Mr Iwasaki's grandfather, the founder who had the original vision to establish the resort, had a dream and now that dream needs to go to the next stage, which is the proposed $600 million redevelopment.

"Mr Iwasaki said his family's company could not do it on their own and that he would welcome a partnership investment to realise the full scale and potential for this to be a major job generator for our region and Queensland.

"The importance of the summit was an opportunity for his company to attract the necessary partners to realise the full potential of their integrated resort and to ensure that the potential for CQ and the Capricorn Coast in particular, could be realised."

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