Mt Morgan woman marks former friend's car with "junkie” and "liar”

LISA-Ann Crosbie broke down in tears yesterday when she told the court of the reasons why she graffitied the words "junkie” and "liar” on someone's car.

The Mt Morgan woman pleaded guilty to one count of public nuisance and one count of wilful damage in the form of graffiti yesterday in the Rockhampton Magistrate Court.

Prosecutor Julie Marsden told the court Crosbie approached a woman in the Lifeline store in Mt Morgan on October 28 around 1.30pm.

"The woman was at the front counter and observed a blue Holden commodore pull up and park outside the store,” Ms Marsden said.

"She then walked out onto the street and saw Crosbie walk briskly towards her. Crosbie yelled "you better not have given my kids hepatitis you junkie b***, I'm going to smash you”. The woman became fearful and retreated back into the store, Crosbie rushed into the store and came into close proximity to her and continued to yell abuse at her before turning to the store attendant and yelling, "detain her for those dirty needles”.

"When she spoke to police about the incident a few days later she said she recalled losing it.”

The court also heard Crosbie damaged a car by graffiting defamatory words on it with white washable poster paint.

The graffiti is believed to have happened some time between October 12 and 22 whilst the car was parked in front of the woman's residence.

"The words "rip off” were written on the windscreen, "liar' on the boot, the words "junkie scum thief” and "pay your bills” were written on the rear of the car and bumper. Crosbie made full admissions to writing on the car because the woman owed her some money.”

The court also heard Crosbie had prior drug charges on her criminal history.

When Magistrate Cameron Press asked why Crosbie thought she had a right to commit these types of offences, she said she had a lot to say.

"I smoke marijuana your honour,” she said.

"They are the ones taking ice and leaving dirty needles around my sick son sir. I tried to help them and it backfired as it always does when you try to help people who aren't in the right mind.”

But Magistrate Press said there was no excuse for her behaviour.

"There's no excuse, just keep away from these people if they're causing you stress.”

Crosbie was fined $350 for the public nuisance charge and sentenced to 15 hours of unpaid graffiti removal service within 12 months for the wilful damage offence. A conviction was recorded.

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