Murder accused tells court Dover threw first punch

Wayne Dover was killed outside a nightclub at Sunshine Coast Plaza on November 29 last year
Wayne Dover was killed outside a nightclub at Sunshine Coast Plaza on November 29 last year Richard Bruinsma

ONE of the brothers accused of bashing a man to death outside a Sunshine Coast nightclub allegedly said the man who died was a "creep" and he "deserved what he got for touching… my chick".

Brothers Blake Nathan Goldsworthy, 25, and Wade Leigh Goldsworthy, 28, are accused of murdering Sunshine Coast businessman Wayne Dover, 45, outside a nightclub at Sunshine Coast Plaza on November 29 last year.

On Friday the brothers, who are descendants of bushranger Ned Kelly, applied for bail at the Brisbane Supreme Court, but it was refused.

The brothers have been in jail since they were arrested in November last year and their lawyer Simon Lewis said the men would likely face trial late next year at the earliest; a long time for the two "young men" to be sitting in a jail cell.

Mr Lewis told Judge Chief Justice Tim Carmody deceased Mr Dover threw the first punch, which could be seen in CCTV footage.

If released on bail, he said the brothers could live on the Sunshine Coast with their father in the Yandina area and they were willing to abide by a curfew.

However, looking at their criminal history, Justice Carmody said they were two aggressive young men.

"I'll tell you what I'm concerned about… they are violent young men who seem incapable of controlling their drinking or their conduct while they're drunk," he said.

"They represent a serious risk to people in the early hours of the morning minding their own business or who might use some small provocation resulting in an extreme action that ends in death."

According to the prosecution case, Justice Carmody said the deceased was allegedly attacked, punched and kicked by the brothers and another man - Matthew John Hill - who was released on bail last week.

"Although it is a jury question, the balance of the available evidence suggests that the deceased pushed or struck Wade after a verbal exchange," Justice Carmody said.

"There are comments made by one of the offenders, allegedly Wade, that the deceased, 'he deserved what he got for touching … my chick'. Wade was also alleged to have told the witness that the deceased was a creep."

The court heard that Mr Wade Goldsworthy had been involved in a glassing at a licensed venue before.

Justice Carmody said releasing the brothers on bail was a risk and denied their bail application.


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