Geoff Murphy: It was a hard decision.
Geoff Murphy: It was a hard decision. Austin King

Murphy bows out of Capras after four years as chairman

GEOFF Murphy will step down immediately as chairman of the Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras after four years at the helm.

The construction magnate said it was a decision he had wrestled with for the past few months as he considered changes set to be imposed on the Capras by the game's governing body, Queensland Rugby League.

The news comes just days before a major announce- ment is expected from the Capras regarding a formal alliance with an NRL club.

"It was a hard decision, yes, but it was one I believe was best to make for the team going forward,” Mr Murphy said yesterday.

"I don't agree with the direction the QRL wants to take the Capras and, under those circumstances, it's best I step aside.”

Mr Murphy believes the QRL will impose a new corporate governance structure on the Capras which he says will limit the organisation's autonomy and ability to respond independently to local community needs.

"The strength of the Capras is in its grass roots appeal, community outreach and local talent identification program. I'm fearful that will now take a back seat to other priorities that don't focus on Central Queensland's youth,” he said.

In response, a QRL spokesman said the new governance model would help the Capras move forward.

"The QRL thanks Geoff for his efforts but it is now time for a new governance model that will mean significant progress for the Capras.

"It's an important step and it will involve representatives from the local community as well as independent directors.”

Mr Murphy said in his four years as chairman, the executive had taken the Capras from what was "very much an amateur operation to a professional situation”.

"I'm pleased to have been able to work with numerous professionals over the years and board members who helped develop and strengthen the team,” he said.

"The announcement that is set to be made this week is very exciting and is a credit to all of the staff and the existing board.

"I wish the team, staff, players and coach Kim Williams all the best.”

Mr Murphy said he would now have more time to focus on the CQ NRL Bid, of which he is also chairman, and getting a high-class stadium for the region.

When asked to nominate a highlight of his tenure with the Capras, Mr Murphy said it was the team's thrilling upset win over the PNG Hunters at Browne Park in May this year.

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