Aussie mum slammed over kid-free holiday

Nadia Bartel has been criticised for going on holiday and leaving behind her son Aston.
Nadia Bartel has been criticised for going on holiday and leaving behind her son Aston.

PEOPLE aren't happy with fashion blogger Nadia Bartel.

Nadia and her husband, former AFL star Jimmy, are currently enjoying an incredible holiday in the Maldives.

Their social media feeds are filled with amazing snaps of their luxury child-free trip and it's annoyed a few of her followers.

It didn't take long for some to question why they decided to travel without their two-year-old son Aston - and Nadia has been copping it bad.


"Wow, how do you guys do it. I could not leave my kid behind and go on holiday," one commenter added under a photo of the couple.

🧡🧡 @jrb03 wearing @tntthenewtrend @nobodydenim @lackofcoloraus #sonevajani

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Another added: "totally agree with you …"

The judgmental comments riled up a few of Nadia's other followers who stood up for her.

One replied: "Stop being so ridiculous you don't need to take a baby so far they need their own time your just jealous you can't do it."

"Why do people feel the need to comment this all the time!? It drives me nuts! That's great for you, you do what works for you and your family. As for other people's lives don't comment on their family choices and mind your own business! It clearly has no impact on you," added another.

Eventually Nadia was forced to step in to defend her decision and wrote back to the original commenter.

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"So you would never go on a trip without your baby? I miss him like crazy but I think it's important to have time with just us too, this is the first time we have left him in 2 years, but I don't need to explain myself to you as I normally don't reply to fake accounts like yours," she wrote.


The fashion blogger hasn't stopped sharing stunning pictures of their lavish holiday and her followers have shown their support for the child-free getaway.

On another picture of the couple together one wrote: "Enjoy your child free holiday (ignore above) Parents need time to nurture their relationship as well"

The decision to travel without your children is always a big one and her decision has hit close to home with a lot of parents.


When it comes to child-free holidays there are a lot of parents who don't do it, but there's also a lot of mums out there who think it's very healthy to do it.

"Why is it even an issue? Parents need a holiday on their own if they want to be good parents. I bet the kid would love it too - a holiday with nan and refreshed parents afterwards. It's a win for all!" said mum-of-two Leah.

Alys, who is also a mum-of-two said: "I left Claire home with Ian and Will when she was 3 and a half months. Went to the US for ten nights. I barely even noticed. I mean, I talked to them all the time and I love them and all that, but it honestly didn't bother me one bit."

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