LISTEN to Nathan Tessmann’s music and the first thing that will strike you is that a 17-year-old has been able to come up with such mature, meaningful lyrics.

Watch him on YouTube and you will wonder at the clarity of the Caloundra teenager’s voice and his professionalism in the recording studio. And then you might notice Nathan is in a wheelchair and has minimal use of his arms.

Nathan was born with a rare neuromuscular condition called axonal neuropathy which has confined him to a wheelchair for all of his life. He is barely able to feed himself, let alone do the things most teenagers take for granted.

But Nathan’s disabilities have only fuelled his passion to achieve. He has competed in two triathlons, has a go on a skateboard with his mates from Kawana High and now is about to be discovered as Australia’s first disabled hip-hop artist.

Nathan has already recorded an original composition for an environmental website, attracting thousands of hits through YouTube and later this month the musical prodigy, who calls himself M-C Wheels, will release his first EP.

Local production company Live Life Productions has been following his progress as it hopes to make a documentary which may be ready for the 2012 Australian Film Festival.

But for it to reach a larger audience and do more than simply entertain, investors are needed to help establish a foundation to support others with this condition. It could also help Nathan access overseas therapy.

Live Life co-producer Roger Kitson said Nathan’s story was “nothing short of inspirational”.

“He is a shining example of what people can achieve.”

Nathan said he wanted to be a “songwriter and an ambassador for what people with disabilities can achieve”.

“I want people to know using a wheelchair or having a disability is no barrier to success.” His first EP called “One Chance” will be launched on April 27 at Caloundra’s Velvet Waters. To find out about tax deductible support, go to

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