Naturopath warns of side effects of pre-workout supplements

LIVELIFE Pharmacy naturopath Leisha Novy has seen a number of cases where users of pre-workout supplements have suffered what she calls "damaging effects".

The local naturopath told The Morning Bulletin yesterday that although artificial pre-workouts gave users an energy boost, the side effects of the supplement could be detrimental.

"There are a few different types of pre-workout but the majority of the artificial ones contain high levels of caffeine that can be dangerous to the heart," she said.

"They also contain artificial flavouring and colourings which... can have a detrimental effect to the kidneys so taking these pre-workouts is generally something I don't recommend. Having said that there are natural pre-workouts on offer that give users the same, if not better outcomes.

"The main ingredient in the natural ones is arginine which is responsible for a cellular energy rush, so it's real energy created as opposed to a caffeine buzz which is what you get from the artificial ones.

"Pre-workouts can be beneficial, especially the natural-based ones, but like many things they have health risks that can outweigh the benefits."

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