Iridology is just one of many diagnostic skills employed by naturopaths
Iridology is just one of many diagnostic skills employed by naturopaths nazileom

Naturopathy's unique role in disease diagnosis

THERE is much confusion surrounding differences between functional and organic disease for individuals.

Traditional naturopathic practice has a clear perspective, which is uncomplicated and potentially saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

The federal government ought to recognise that if traditional naturopaths were given greater recognition, human lives would not have to suffer needlessly.

Established naturopathy has significant insight into making a clear prognosis of functional disease through robust traditional methods whilst taking a case history.

What's more, identifying organic disease can be established alongside functional diagnosis at relatively little cost.

You may ask, what does functional disease mean in simple terms?

Naturopathy recognises functional disease through unique diagnostic methods.

Indications encountered can locate overactive or underactive organs or body systems.

Also irritation, congestion or obstruction development can be identified, as can developing anxiety or depression.

What does organic disease mean in simple terms?

Organic disease, otherwise termed pathology, can also be clearly identified in naturopathic practice.

Naturopathy understands that organic disease can give rise to relapse conditions or degenerative states.

So, an actual pathologic condition is the result of organs or body systems becoming damaged, or may be associated with organ failure.

Diabetes is a disease that obviously is the result of the pancreas becoming damaged or associated with pancreas organ failure.

Readers may possibly have heard the term heart failure or kidney failure, which are obvious.

So, what makes traditional naturopathic diagnosis beneficial to personal welfare?

Foremost, the diagnostic methods employed are non-invasive.

Without any doubt traditional naturopathy can diagnose a functional imbalance before it deteriorates into a pathological condition.

This later point means a pathologic condition can be prevented.

Perhaps you may know individuals who experience multiple pathology tests with insufficient determinants identified.

Conventional medicine pathologists are highly skilled like traditional naturopaths, however differences arise regarding preventing a pathologic condition.

I have recently been presented with multiple cases having some risk of heart conditions developing.

Because early signs are identifiable through naturopathic practice, averting heart condition events are achievable in most cases.

Traditional naturopathy has no need to undertake pathology testing associated with blood, urine, stool, plus saliva or hair samples.

Anthropometric data including height, weight, waist and hip measures are also unnecessary in naturopathic diagnosis along with dark field microscopy or bioelectrical impedance.

Iridology, humoral condition, symptomatology, dietary analysis and palpation are the naturopathic diagnostic skills employed with functional or organic disease findings.

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