Landry accuses Neaton of misleading CQ families about tax

FRIDAY: Capricornia MP Michelle Landry is accusing the ALP candidate of misleading Central Queensland families over changes to the Family Benefit Tax.

In response to Leisa Neaton's comments made yesterday (click here to read), Ms Landry said she was puzzled by the comments particularly when the ALP voted fro some of the changes in Federal Parliament.

"The Labor candidate seems confused and is only talking about one side of the equation," Ms Landry said.

"The real story is that the savings from changes to the Family Tax Benefit are being reinvested to provide an extra $3 billion into helping families access more affordable child care. When you take that into account, families are better off.

"Take for example, Annette, who is a single Mum with one child, Jeff aged 3-years- old. Jeff attends long day care for four days per week, while his mother is at work. Annette's income in 2018-19 will be $68,000. 

"Under the new Child Care Subsidy, Annette would be $2,845 better off even after the new Family Tax Benefit changes.

"Families using child care in 2017 on family incomes of between approximately $65,000 and $170,000 will be set to save on an average of $120 a month on their child care bills their child care bills.

"Capricornia parents are among many Australian families demanding access to more affordable child care. The Government's restructure of the Family Tax Benefit will give families more money each fortnight. Around 1.2 million families - and 2.2 million children - will benefit from an increase in their FTB-A fortnightly rates.

"We're also increasing the fortnightly rates of Youth Allowance and Disability Support Pension so they're aligned with the new FTB-A rate.

"Labor wants changes but doesn't have any responsible plan on how to pay for them."

THURSDAY: There are 8893 families who currently receive Family Tax Benefit A and 8557 families who currently receive Family Tax Benefit B living in Capricornia. 

Yesterday in Parliament the Coalition government threatened the financial security of these families through their proposed cuts to benefits.

Labor Candidate for Capricornia, Leisa Neaton, said cuts to Family Tax Benefits will hurt families already suffering from the rising cost of living stress.

A single parent family in Rockhampton or Sarina with a couple of students in high school could be more than $4,700 a year worse off because of the cuts that the Coalition voted for in the Parliament.

Working couples on low and middle incomes with two students in high school will be around $2,600 a year worse off because of cuts to the Schoolkids Bonus and Family Tax Benefit Supplements.

"Labor will never compromise on fairness. I cannot understand why the coalition government wants to attack the conditions of average working families."  

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