Police speak with residents of Zamia Way yesterday morning.
Police speak with residents of Zamia Way yesterday morning. ALLAN REINIKKA

Neighbours fought to revive baby

CRISTY can’t close her eyes without being flooded with images of a motionless baby boy surrounded by people trying to bring him back to life.

And there is no way she said she would be telling her three children what took place just metres from their home on Tuesday night.

The neighbour, who did not want to provide her last name, said shortly after arriving home at 7.45pm she heard screams in her street and instinct told her to run and assist.

When she arrived neighbours were trying to revive the eight-month-old boy, who was covered in blood and not crying.

“When the ambulance arrived we went inside a home and they told us to lock the doors,” she said.

“People were very upset but everyone had positive thoughts it was going to be okay. I can’t remember much more. I just remember seeing the baby lying there and everyone trying to help. Every time I shut my eyes I just picture it.”

Before Cristy raced up the street to the commotion she heard a man waling and screaming “help, help”.

“I had the screen door locked and I unlocked it and ran down my driveway with my phone to help because I knew it sounded serious, not like a drunken fight or anything,” she said.

“He was running and not looking back.

“A few seconds later I saw a black ute stop on the corner and it came around. It looked like it was chasing after him. I ran to check my baby and tell my dog to stop barking, that’s when I heard everyone screaming and running across the road.”

Cristy spent the night with her brother and only returned home at 9am yesterday.

She said she wasn’t going to tell her children what had happened as she wanted them to think they lived in a safe neighbourhood.

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