Neighbours report hearing screams, seeing two jerry cans

NEIGHBOURS have reported hearing screams and seeing a man with two petrol cans before the Brookwater home went up in flames.

Four people escaped the fire which broke out just after 7.30pm last night.

One neighbour heard screaming coming from the Birchwood Cres, two storey home minutes before police arrived.

"It sounded like a domestic dispute. I could clearly hear screaming, I could tell there were females involved and it sounded as though they were in trouble," the neighbour said.

"I moved closer to where I thought it was coming from. When I got there I could see the man lying on the ground, not moving.

"Someone was standing over him, hosing him down."

The neighbour said it wasn't apparent from the front of the property it was still on fire, the only sign a thick black column of smoke discernable in the dark.

"I'm pretty shocked this morning to be honest.


"To see old mate lying on the floor unresponsive wasn't the best thing.

"You see things like that happening on the news, but to see it first-hand.

"You find yourself asking, what if I had got there quicker when I had first heard the screams. Could I have helped?

"It's a difficult call to make because you don't want to intrude in someone's personal business and I wasn't sure what was happening until the police turned up at the same time I got there."

Police have confirmed an accelerant was used in the fire that caused the second floor, where the four people had barricaded themselves into a bathroom, to collapse.

The man suffered burns to more than 90% of his body and is in an induced coma in the Royal Brisbane Hospital. 

Detective Acting Inspector Heath McQueen said there were domestic violence orders in place between the 37-year-old man and the 23-year-old woman, inside the house with three others at the time.

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