New Australian Vehicle Standard Rules

AUSTRALIAN road users will benefit from more consistent standards under the 8th amendment package of the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules (AVSRs).

Announcing the amendments today, NTC CEO Paul Retter said the standards set out design and construction requirements for motor vehicles, trailers and combinations across Australia.

"It makes sense to have nationally uniform standards that promote safety, efficiency, and reduce the costs of road transport," Mr Retter said.

"Rules need to keep up with changing vehicle technology to be effective and that's what we're doing.

"Most of the amendments are simply aligning the AVSRs with the new Heavy Vehicle National Regulations or make the standards clearer.

"For example the changes will prevent people getting around excessive noise rules with adjustable mufflers and alike, by setting standards that test the maximum noise a vehicle can make, rather than the minimum noise they might make.

"We've also made changes so it's clear that particular push bikes with motors or power assisted pedal cycles are not subject to AVSR penalties - avoiding unnecessary restrictions for riders."
The NTC ensures the AVSRs, established in 1999, reflect the current needs and community expectations of road safety.

The 8th package was developed in consultation with road agencies, automotive industry bodies and representatives, police and road safety experts, motoring organisations and the public and released for public consultation in January 2014.

The amendments for light vehicles will only take effect once they are adopted into the law of each state or territory.

For heavy vehicles the changes are reflected through the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation made under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

The changes have been universally supported by road agencies from all jurisdictions and the Heavy Vehicle National Regulator.

The amendments are detailed in the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules 8th Amendment Package Explanation of Amendments, which can be downloaded here.   These changes were endorsed by the recent meeting of transport ministers held last month.
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