New employment partnership hopes to open "Task Economy"

NEW research from a partnership between CareerOne and Airtasker says that Aussies' spare time could be worth $700 million a year to the economy.

According to the Pure Profile survey of over 1,000 people, the average Aussie worker has approximately 29 hours of spare time a week, with nine out of ten (89 per cent) of those thousand wanting to monetise to earn extra income.

By monetising just 10 percent of their spare time (or just half an hour per day), Aussie workers could earn an additional $57 a week, equating to a weekly income of over $700 million across the nation (based on Australia's working population and award wage).

The research comes as part of the launch of a partnership between CareerOne and Airtasker.

Airtasker is an open marketplace for Australians to monetise their time by bidding online for task-based employment opportunities, such as office administration, quick deliveries or photography.

The partnership aims to give CareerOne's 1.3 million monthly job seekers better access to Airtask's task-based and full-time job opportunities via CareerOne's website.

Other key findings from the research includes:

  • From painting a neighbours wall and assembling furniture to handing out flyers or cleaning an office space, almost nine out of ten (89 per cent) workers say they want to earn extra income by monetising their skills and spare time.
  • While more than one in three (35 per cent) Aussies work full-time Monday-Friday, over 90 per cent would prefer to set their own workings hours, suited to their lifestyle, rather than being tied to a structured 9-5 arrangement.
  • Eight in ten (86 per cent) workers say they want the opportunity to choose when and what they work on.

Karen Lawson, CEO of CareerOne, believes the partnership will help connect more people to job opportunities that match their lifestyle.

"t's clear from our research that Aussie workers are demanding more flexibility from their employment and the opportunity to monetise their spare time.

"People no longer want to be confined to the 9-5 routine and want more ways to earn cash, at a time and place that suits them.

Airtasker CEO and Co-Founder Tim Fung said, the 'task economy' has already helped thousands of Aussies in the past year monetise their spare time by creating over $1.5 million in task-based jobs.

"The 'task economy' is a great way to match job seekers with people and businesses who need short-term help around the home or office, and CareerOne's research shows that this is a multi-billion dollar opportunity."

The partnership between CareerOne and Airtasker comes off the back of the Australian Bureau of Statistics report which revealed that 13.1 per cent of the workforce were looking for more work or were "discouraged" jobseekers who have not been able to find work because employers consider them to be too young or old, lack the necessary training or experience or cannot find a job locally.

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