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New era: The best in rural coverage

YOUR favourite rural newspaper is growing.

Now part of News Corp Rural, Rural Weekly has joined its sister publications The Weekly Times and Tasmanian Country to bring you the best rural news coverage in the nation.

From May 2 will not only continue to bring you the best rural news from across Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory, but also the latest national news, commodity analysis, on-farm reports and in-depth agribusiness coverage from The Weekly Times' rural network.

And you can also access all these features on our new mobile app.

As a reader, you will also be offered a digital membership, where you can access the latest news, expert opinion, advice and analysis to drive your farm business, as well as special rewards tailored especially to rural readers, such as a six-month membership to respected commodity analyst Mecardo.

And it's all at your fingertips - on your desktop, tablet and mobile.

The membership also gives you access to a digital version of all our print products, so you can flick through the pages and keep connected with farmers everywhere, just as people have done for nearly 150 years.

What's on offer

- Exclusive breaking news

- Opinion from leaders in agriculture and rural issues

- Expert analysis on dairy, cattle, sheep and wool, cropping and horticulture

- On location reports from leading farms across the country with video

- The latest from the saleyards

- In-depth weather reports and analysis

- Special reports from industry-leading magazines including Crop Gear, FARM and DecisionAg

From May 2, head to to discover how you can become a member.

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