Elena and Graham Richards are the new owners of the Causeway Lake Shop.
Elena and Graham Richards are the new owners of the Causeway Lake Shop.

New kiosk owners thrown in deep end

New owners have taken over the Causeway Lake Shop and there’s nothing like hitting the ground running to start during the week of the hectic Easter period.

Graham and Elena Richards took over the kiosk on April 1, the day before Good Friday.

“Might as well jump in the deep end and have a crack and if we came out the other end, we should be alright,” Graham said.

It sure was popular as it always is on the coast, but they made it out the other side.

“We were very busy, we came out the other end, had some steep learning curves about different parts of the retail and food trade - it’s certainly different from other lines of work I have been involved in,” Graham said.

A complete career change, for the past 12 years Graham had been involved in construction and project management.

“It’s a bit of a difference, once again it is all about having a quality product, customer service, being out there and talking to people,” Graham said.

Taking over the shop was just a random turn of events.

The Richards have known the previous owner Julie for the past few years and one day they dropped in to say “g’day” and she told them she was leaving the shop due to personal circumstances.

Next thing they knew, they had signed the lease and were taking it over.

Now with a few weeks under their belt, they are starting to get their handle on it all.

“Over that busy period we didn’t get too much of a chance to do much else but now it is getting back to normality, just putting in different processes to make sure we fulfil our role as owners of the place,” Graham said.

“We look forward to bringing in new ideas to help service this area with hospitality and food.

“We are new to the hospitality industry and we certainly have some good staff here that have stayed on.

“Our main focus is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price to our clientele.”

They have already introduced some changes with moving right away from processed and pre-cooked foods.

“On all our steak burgers are offering rib fillet now and also make our in house meat patties,” Graham said.

“With our chicken burgers, we use fresh chicken and source all of that locally through our local suppliers here in Yeppoon.”

Graham moved to the Capricorn Coast in 2000 and hasn’t looked back.

“That’s a big focus for us here to support of local businesses, we are local so we will help support local as well,” Graham said.

“We certainly enjoy the lifestyle here and it’s a very small close knit community and we like living and working here.”

Sitting outside next to the shop overlooking the Causeway Lake, some could say he has one of the best work views in the region.

“Not too many people can boost an office that has the view we have,” Graham said.

“Just the other afternoon I came back and it was dead flat out to sea, there was fellas swimming up the channel and in the gutter out the front.

“It’s very idyllic and relaxing, the number of people that just pull up here just to sit here and look at the water for half an hour.”

A keen fishermen himself, Graham plans to put a fish brag board up at the shop.

“I love fishing and I have fished these waters before I had my own boat so I have a bit of local knowledge about the fishing,” Graham said.

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