New report shows what Landry and Canavan claimed in spending

Senator Matt Canavan and Federal MP Michelle Landry
Senator Matt Canavan and Federal MP Michelle Landry Rachael Conaghan

TO fit out a new temporary office in Rockhampton, Central Queensland senator Matthew Canavan claimed $31,783, parliamentarian entitlements figures show.

The figures further showed that Capricornia MP Michelle Landry claimed only $1770 to fit out her office in Rockhampton's Bolsover St.

The entitlements reports provided details of what MPs claimed in taxpayer expenses associated with their official functions.

Mr Canavan said the cost was based on the relocation of his previous office in Brisbane to his temporary premises in Rockhampton.

He said the move was necessary so he could be based closer to the people in this region.

The figures for Mr Canavan and Ms Landry were relatively low compared to other politicians across the country.

Some politicians' office fit outs were hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here is a breakdown of Mr Canavan's and Ms Landry's spending figures:

  • Car costs: $16,817.73 (Canavan), $11,603.32 (Landry);
  • Family travel costs: $11,292.84 (Canavan), $2260.65 (Landry);
  • Travelling allowance: $23,556 (Canavan), $23,092 (Landry);
  • Overseas travel: $1242.24 (Canavan), $3152.12 (Landry).

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