John McMahon is determined to change the culture among young males for the better.
John McMahon is determined to change the culture among young males for the better.

New seminar to help trouble young males

JUVENILE crime is an issue the residents of Central Queensland are all too familiar with.

As the youth crime rate soars and cases of theft, vandalism or assault are reported almost daily, a Melbourne man is determined to break the relentless cycle.

And it seems his timing could not be any better.

John McMahon knows first-hand the possible troubles that come with male adolescence.

He himself struggled with mental health and neglect which led to what he described as ‘dark periods’.

But through the dark times developed a life-changing positive, his nationwide youth-driven program Motov8, aimed at changing the culture of young males and their parents.

The Youth Specialist said it was his abrupt methods and tough love that had delivered the wake-up call both parents and children across the country need.

The former Chaplain to Moto GP and World Superbikes riders credited his years of experience with high-performance vehicles as a line of motivation.

“I’ve been working with young people for years. Watching the guys and myself riding at the racetrack, there’s principles that you need to apply. There’s a science that helps you be a faster, better rider and not crash,” he said.

“I simply translated those principles over to help young people stay on track in life.”

He said youth’s behaviour today was somewhat akin to riding a motorbike, in that where you look is where you end up.

“So, if you’re fixated on a rider in front of you, or if you’re fixated or someone or something in life, that will end up consuming your whole attention,” he said.

“That’s what it’s like for young people.

“They’re not emotionally or socially intelligent and they become obsessed with things and it takes them off track in life.”

Though he admitted that the issue did not necessarily start and end with the youths themselves, noting that parents would benefit just as much from his program.

“Many parents who attend feel powerless and they have given authority over to their kids. The kids dictate what goes on, everything’s a battle. Parents have lost the ability to discipline their kids,” he said.

Mr McMahon said attendees could expect to hear someone speak openly about mental health in a raw and honest manner.

“Realistically what I’m trying to do is get them to become a part of something that is bigger themselves,” he said.

Parents will also be challenged about their parenting strategies and held accountable for what they don’t do.

Motov8 visits Rockhampton on Tuesday, March 17 and tickets are available through the Motov8ing Boys Facebook page.


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