Nicole's ready to bust out of Doctor Doctor's love triangle

Nicole da Silva stars in season two of Doctor Doctor.
Nicole da Silva stars in season two of Doctor Doctor. John Platt

IT IS said absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that's certainly true for Nicole da Silva's character in season two of Doctor Doctor.

In the show's return last week, Matt (Ryan Johnson) has disappeared to clear his head and Charlie (Nicole) is desperately trying to get him to return home to work on their marriage.

In season one of the rural drama, the return of Matt's brother and Charlie's ex Hugh (Rodger Corser) to their small town drove a wedge between the couple.

"This is the first time Matt has ever stood his ground and that takes Charlie off-guard for sure," Nicole da Silva tells The Guide.

"Once the reality of her losing Matt kicks in I think she very quickly puts the Hugh saga to bed. Matt leaving makes her realise where her priorities are.

Nicole da Silva in a scene from season two of Doctor Doctor.
Nicole da Silva in a scene from season two of Doctor Doctor. John Platt

"Then it's up to him whether he accepts that or not, and whether he gives her the chance to air it."

But fans can rest assured that the love birds will work things out.

"I think a lot of the tumultuousness of Matt and Charlie's relationship comes from their attraction and how they relate to each other," she says.

"Jim (Matt and Hugh's dad, played by Steve Bisley) says something interesting very early on. He say 'Don't worry about Matt and Charlie, they're rusted on'. I do think they are completely dedicated to each other."

For the past two years Nicole has juggled her time between Doctor Doctor and starring in Foxtel's hit prison drama Wentworth.

While her lips are sealed on whether or not she will return in season six of Wentworth, she enjoys how the two very different shows balance each other out. Doctor Doctor is her much-needed escape into comedy.

"Certainly in the first two episodes Matt and Charlie try to muddle through the dilemma Hugh has brought with him, but from episode three and beyond the storyline opens up more and you see them figure out who they are within the town and family," she says.

Nicole da Silva and Ryan Johnson in a scene from Doctor Doctor.
Nicole da Silva and Ryan Johnson in a scene from Doctor Doctor. John Platt

"They're looking to expand their repertoire really. They're looking to make some money and expand their horizons, so they try out a few interesting business ideas. You can expect some very funny things to happen."

New additions to the cast this season include Angus McLaren as Dr Toke, an ex-army medic and Penny's new love interest, Brittany Clark as Whyhope's straight-talking new nurse Mia, and Helen Thomson as Hugh's dangerously incompetent new boss Nora Gumbleton.

"Charlie crosses paths with Nora at some point, which is hilarious," Nicole says,

"I can't tell you how much fun she is to work with. Then there's another character who enters later in the storyline who has a bit more to do with Charlie.

"I've also really enjoyed working with Chloe (Bayliss) who plays Hayley (Ajax's devoutly religious long-term girlfriend). Charlie and her have some great moments together.

"It's been great to explore who Charlie is outside of the Hugh/Matt love triangle, and we do a lot of that throughout this season."

Doctor Doctor airs tonight at 8.40pm on Channel 9.

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