Bright lights in sky on Wednesday night remains a mystery

WAS it a meteor, a comet, space junk or the start of the alien invasion?

After a day of speculation and conflicting suggestions, there is still no conclusive answer to what lit up the sky on Wednesday night.

Reports of the spectacular vision flowed in from Moranbah to Brisbane.

Thozet Rd resident, Trevor Brunskill was sitting on his veranda when a light in his peripheral vision caught his attention.

"At first I thought it was the reflection from car lights," he said.

"Then I thought, hang on a second I think it's a meteorite, and I called out to the missus.

"It was visually spectacular. I've never seen anything like it.

"It was very beautiful, and as a big boofy bloke, it takes a lot for me to say that… but it was beautiful."

Mr Brunskill described the vision as a small, glowing ball with a very long tail.

He said there were 10-12 smaller objects off the tail.

"It lasted at least a minute, about the speed of a light aircraft and completely silent."

Trevor Brunskill reflects on the vision he saw in the night sky. Photo Austin King / The Morning Bulletin
Trevor Brunskill reflects on the vision he saw in the night sky. Photo Austin King / The Morning Bulletin Austin King

Mark Rigby, curator at Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium said although he couldn't say definitively what it was, the vision was more likely to be a natural object than space junk.

Based on witness reports, including Mr Brunskill's, he said it was most likely a small asteroid breaking up.

"Comet Ison, definitely had nothing to do with it," he said.

"And reports from Canada could not possibly have been the same object."

One thing Mr Rigby was able to determine, was that central Queensland had the best view.

Check out stories of eyewitness accounts at Sunshine Coast and Gladstone.

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