Bree and Jessica pictured during their ultimate instant restaurant.
Bree and Jessica pictured during their ultimate instant restaurant. Channel 7

No amore for their Mole, but Bree and Jessica make MKR Top 4

ADELAIDE mums Bree and Jessica are in the My Kitchen Rules To 4 despite a mediocre performance last night.

They fell short of the lofty heights of their first instant restaurant, but still bested the scores of Chloe and Kelly and Thalia and Bianca to book a spot in the semi-finals.

The mums alternated between serving up rustic and fine dining dishes during their three-course ultimate instant restaurant, hitting the mark with some dishes while missing with others.

Their sardine entrée looked pretty as a picture, but didn't deliver when it hit the tastebuds.

"I think the flavour you got in there was absolutely gorgeous," judge Pete Evans said.

"You're that far and that close to perfection, but the fish was overcooked and it was just a little bit tough."

In contrast, their eggplant and Haloumi fritters were too simple.

"The sardine entree has a lot of work… but looking at my plate, (it's) quite simple," Feildel said.

"It was nice but it was just two slices of eggplant with Haloumi in the middle."

Bree and Jessica's decision to use chicken breast in their chicken mole main, rather than braised chicken thigh, not only increased the pressure because they were cooking to order.

But it also disappointed their guests who were expecting a traditional, rustic dish.

The mums wait for feedback from the judges.
The mums wait for feedback from the judges. Channel 7

"The plantains were gorgeous and crisp and wonderful, but when I think about a mole I'm thinking about a protein that's been cooking in the sauce," Evans said.

"The chicken was cooked beautifully, but (it's) chicken breast. The sauce itself, it wasn't great.  Mole is meant to have a hint of chocolate while this was a chocolate sauce… you've lost the soul."

Their pork cheeks were the highlight of the night so far, but unfortunately judge Manu Feildel was the only diner to taste them.

 "I love pretty much everything on this plate," Feildel said.

"There's lot of love in here. This dish is an example of what good food is. It's beautiful, well cooked, well done."

A downtrodden Jessica teared up doing the preparation of their desserts, and needed a minute to mentally group.

But the mums finished strong, with both desserts getting some of the best praise of the night.

"The flan de café (is) unbelievable," Feildel said.

"I really enjoyed everything on the plate.

"It was all beautiful, but not all together. The combination of flavour I don't agree with."

Once Pete Evans figured out how to tackle his whole peach with his spoon, he was impressed with the dish.

"It was tricky to eat, but you've taken something quite simple and just elevated it," he said.

"The peach stood on its own as well. That's the sign of a good dish, when all the components stand alone but when put together they're better than the sum of the parts."

Tomorrow night Greek twins Helena and Vikki will host their ultimate instant restaurant. Their score will determine whether they or Thalia and Bianca are eliminated.




Entrée: Stuffed sardines with orange reduction

Entrée:  Eggplant and Haloumi fritters

Main: Chicken Mole with Mexican rice and plantains

Main: Braised pig's cheeks with wet polenta

Dessert: Roasted peaches with Marscapone ice cream

Dessert: Flan de café with coconut and star anise churros

Score: 63/100

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