HUNDREDS of Berserker residents will rest easy in the next river flood.

Stormwater drains in the streets in the North Rockhampton suburb are currently being fitted with valves to prevent water flooding streets.

With stormwater drains closed off, Lakes Creek Rd helps create a flood levee which will protect homes in low-lying Berserker streets.

The $3 million project, which will protect 400 homes, was funded by the State Government and Rockhampton Regional Council.

The push for funding was driven by residents, who approached council after the 2011 and 2013 floods.

Council commissioned a study into flooding in the area and confirmed water was backing up through the stormwater system.

Councillor Tony Williams door-knocked homes in affected streets, collecting 800 signatures for a petition used to eventually secure funding after the Community Cabinet in October.

Cr Williams said the $1.5 million price tag for council, matched by the State Government, would have a "big payback for the rest of the community".

He said it would help reduce immediate flood clean-up, but also prevent damage to council infrastructure.

"With water that hangs around for a number of weeks it actually penetrates the road surface and creates a problem in our road network," Cr Williams said.

"Having these prevention valves in there is going to stop the deterioration of the road network due to severe flooding."

Rockhampton Regional Mayor Margaret Strelow said the issue had been "very frustrating" for local residents.

"It wasn't until we had the work done about all of the possible levees in Rockhampton that this one became so obvious and easy to achieve," she said.

"It had originally been flagged in 1991, but the work that's been done in the last two years has really quantified it, brought it to the top of the list as an absolute no-brainer."

Flood heights

January 1918: 10.11m

February 1954: 9.4m

January 1991: 9.3m

January 2008: 7.5m

December/January 2011: 9.2m

February/March 2012: 7.1m

January/February 2013: 8.61m

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