It was all serious when Kurt Sheather stepped up to play.
It was all serious when Kurt Sheather stepped up to play. Allan Reinikka

North Rocky swamps rivals

IT looks like the North Rockhampton Bowls Club is going to be too good again this year in the Classic Challenge.

Two more rounds of games were played in perfect conditions at the weekend with North Rockhampton making short work of Victoria Park, winning that match by 5-0, and then beating Rockhampton 4-1 on the Sunday.

The highlight of the win over Rockhampton was the nail-biting contest between Col James and Clem Magee in the singles.

Magee was coming off an incredible 31-0 win over Emu Park’s Clyde Jackson the previous day and was still in good form.

James, however, is a good player and the match developed into a thriller with James finally taking it by 31-30.

Also in the winners circle was the Rockhampton pair of Gary Kington and Ray Cavanagh, with the highly acclaimed pairing of Geoff Baldwin and Paul Schafferius, the second loss for this star duo in the 2010 Classic Challenge.

It takes a certain type of courage to bounce back after a 31-nil thrashing and Emu Park singles player Clyde Jackson has it in bucketfuls.

In Emu Park’s Sunday match at Diggers, Jackson went from zero to hero in winning the singles.

Emu Park won the contest 3-2 with the Ron Sparks skipped four and also bouncing back to winning ways while the double team of Terry Brink and Arthur Butler also took the win.

No such success for the Norm Bethell skipped doubles team which crashed for the second day in succession.

Victoria Parks’ weekend was not a good one. After the 5-0 loss to North Rockhampton it followed up with a 4-1 loss at home to Yeppoon.

While Victoria Park does not figure to have a chance to win the 2010 Classic Challenge the same cannot be said of Yeppoon.

Wins against Victoria Park and Diggers, both by 4-1, keep the coast club in contention but losing a rink in both those matches could prove costly with the Yeppoon team needing to win both matches this weekend.

Yeppoon will have full advantage but needs to beat the red-hot North Rockhampton team by at least 4-1 and then score a clean sweep over Emu Park in the final match of the Challenge on Sunday.

If there was to be a prize for the unluckiest players in this year’s competition it would have to go to those in the Michael Vagg’s Diggers’ triples team.

Vagg was a winner in both his matches in the weekend, while the rest of his team lost badly

With the Challenge coming to an end for 2010 the Emu Park Club’s three bowls doubles will move into full swing.

Last Saturday afternoon there was a small but enthusiastic bunch on the rinks.

Again quality was the highest but the home club was not able to produce the winning combination.

That honour went to the Yeppoon pair of Rory Graff and Ian Lenhan. Second place was claimed by Emu Park’s Ryan King and Wendon Ackery on a day when teams knocked each other out leaving few pairs as two-game winners.

The Emu Park club’s sponsored event continues on Saturday afternoon with all bowlers invited to nominate.

Classic Challenge Fixtures

Saturday, January 23:

Yeppoon v North Rockhampton

Rockhampton v Diggers

Emu Park v Victoria Park

Sunday, January 24:

Yeppoon v Emu Park

Victoria Park v Rockhampton

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