Nude car wash prank just a joke

EVEN the police prosecutor could see the four lads involved in the now infamous Biloela nude car wash, which gained international media attention, were being Aussie larrikins.

Police prosecutor acting Senior Constable Troy Daubras said the November 8 incident, in which four men were caught by police soaping themselves up in the nude inside Smart Wash, appealed to the larrikin side of the Australian nature.

After a night out drinking on the town, Mitchell Travis Caught, 19, Danny Craig Webb, 19, Blake William Denniss, 23, Jason Robert Munster, 23, paid $17 for a full service, stripped off and ran around inside with their friends watching.

A police patrol caught them before the wash went full cycle.

The four young men did not appear in Biloela Magistrates Court on charges of public nuisance, pleading guilty via letter.

Acting Senior Constable Daubras backed calls by Biloela Police that cited the attention-getting prank could had done some serious damage to the men’s bodies, with the high pressure sprayers likely to do damage.

“There was a large crowd watching them,” Acting Senior Constable Daubras said, labelling it a stunt to get attention.

“All the offenders thought it was a joke,” the prosecutor said.

Magistrate John McGrath was not impressed by the nude car wash romp.

“They [the sprayers] are made for hard surfaces, not human anatomies,” Mr McGrath said.

The Magistrate than gave the two younger Caught and Webb, $350 with no convictions.

Denniss was fined $400 and Munster $550 as he also had a charge of contravening a direction, with both having no convictions recorded.

At the time, Smart Wash attendant Jeff Dredge said the high-pressure sprayers used could remove skin.

“It will remove skin, no doubt about it,” he said.

“They could have blown an eye out of their sockets.”

Mr Dredge said the men were covering themselves with chemicals and there were young women taking photographs.

“I thought, ‘You silly boys.’ They were just running around in front of their girlfriends,” he said.

“It (the chemicals) could have burnt their eyes off.”

All the offenders thought it was a joke

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