Yeppoon office request raises car parking issue

LIVINGSTONE Shire councillor Glenda Mather (pictured) has described the issue of car parking as one of the "biggest headaches" for the Capricorn Coast.

Her comments come after yesterday's Livingstone Council meeting where the issue was raised by the table of councillors in relation to a request for an office space to be developed in the vicinity of Charles St and Tanby Rd.

It was heard in the meeting that an application was submitted to council in July this year for a residential home located at 31 Charles St, Yeppoon to be turned into a commercial office space consisting of six offices and three carparks at the rear of the dwelling.

According to the council report, the planning scheme only requires three car parks for the size of the allotment being proposed.

However, Cr Mather disagreed that the number of parking spots allocated would accommodate the size of the business and future growth in the area.

Cr Mather said she had concerns the "already congested Charles St" would become even more of a dangerous place to park.

"We've been told there is only going to be one tenant in this office space, but what if they decide to rent out the other offices?" Cr Mather said.

"Charles St is already a dangerous street as far as travelling and parking goes.

"By only having three parking spots at the rear of the building means customers will have to park on the street and future employees will too.

"Charles St is in a light business area and it's a through road to Tanby Rd, so it's very, very busy there. You'll often find cars parked on either side of the road with cars trying to squeeze by."

Cr Adam Belot and Cr Nigel Hutton shared the same concerns and wanted the application to be discussed in a council workshop.

All three councillors spoke against the motion.

Cr Mather said the only way they would have been able to allocate more parking spaces was to change the current planning scheme.

"The only opportunity we get to stipulate where cars should be parked is when someone is making an application," Cr Mather said.

"If we don't get it right at that point and maximise the parking available to fit that application, then we can't come back at a later date and provide more parks.

"We've lost our chance in other words.

"The planning scheme tells us what we can and can't do and although the office space parking does comply with the scheme, a workshop would have been the prime place to discuss all of the opportunities.

"We've got to think of the future growth in the area and look ahead to see what's likely to be in demand; parking is always going to be in demand."

The motion was carried with the three opposing councillor's outvoted.

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