This Federal Election campaign signage is still up along Tanby Road.
This Federal Election campaign signage is still up along Tanby Road. Allan Reinikka ROK020819alandrys

Nasty: Battle of the signs heats up

LAST week it was Brittany Lauga and billboards, this week it's Michelle Landry and election signage.

More than two months after the Federal Election was run and won, a sign along Tanby Road on the Capricorn Coast has caused a stir.

Endorsed by the Labor Party, one side of the sign reads: "Michelle Landry and the LNP Multinationals...Not you."

Regardless of the message, the question is: Why is this sign still up given the Federal Election was held on May 18?

"My office and others have actually contacted the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) about it and they're saying that they can't do anything," Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said.

"I think it's wrong that it's still there, I mean we've taken all of our signage down.

"Those ads that they did were pretty derogatory and I'm still getting calls from people asking me why that sign is still there (on Tanby Road).

"My parents are elderly people and they see it when they drive to Emu Park and they get a bit upset about it."

An AEC spokesman said there was nothing in the Commonwealth Electoral Act about when political signage for federal electoral events could be displayed (including when they could go up and when they must come down).

"As such, it is not something the AEC administers," he said.

The Labor Party's candidate for Capricornia, Russell Robertson, said the Tanby Road sign must have been missed when campaign signs were taken down.

"If one (sign) has managed to get through the net, I'm more than happy to grab hold of that and take it down when I can get to it in the next couple of days," he said.

"There's absolutely no malice in it (still being there), it's not a deliberate thing."

Livingstone Shire Council confirmed the road on which the sign is located is State Government controlled and therefore it did not have any authority over this stretch.

It said the council did have a policy which relates to election signage.

Last week a billboard located between Rockhampton and Yeppoon, which attacks Keppel MP Brittany Lauga, made headlines.

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