One Nation and LNP preference deal irks CQ pollies

NOT IMPRESSED: Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga and Rockhampton Labor candidate Barry O'Rourke are convinced the LNP's and One Nation's preference deal was bad news for CQ.
NOT IMPRESSED: Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga and Rockhampton Labor candidate Barry O'Rourke are convinced the LNP's and One Nation's preference deal was bad news for CQ. Allan Reinikka ROK291017alabor1

A CONTENTIOUS preference alliance between the LNP and One Nation parties putting each other at "2" on their how to vote cards has drawn the ire of several CQ candidates.

As voters began casting their ballots yesterday, Labor's Rockhampton candidate Barry O'Rourke, Keppel candidate Brittany Lauga and independent candidate Margaret Strelow have decried the preference deal.

"When we vote for One Nation, we're voting for the LNP in Brisbane," Mr O'Rourke said.

"And what we've seen is cuts, cuts and more cuts to this region.

"I've seen my friends lose their job and the devastating impact that has had on this community."


Mr O'Rourke said people need to be really conscious about how they vote.

Mrs Lauga said an LNP and One Nation government represents cuts to services and people being sacked in the region.

"We saw 1400 people sacked under the former LNP government in the region.

"How many people are Tim Nicholls and One Nation going to sack if they have power in Queensland after this election?"

Ms Strelow said One Nation had broken their word with this preference deal.

"So much for all the talk about being different," Ms Strelow said.

"One Nation voters have been sold out by a party that turns out to be no different to the others.

"One Nation had an alternative - they had a choice to 'put the majors' last and they chose not to."



One Nation's Rockhampton candidate Wade Rothery.
One Nation's Rockhampton candidate Wade Rothery. Shayla Bulloch

"A vote for One Nation in Rockhampton will see the LNP in Rockhampton and Tim Nicholls as Premier," Ms Strelow said.


One Nation's Wade Rothery has responded to the criticism of his party's preference arrangement with the LNP.

"Let me make it very clear, One Nation have not done a deal with either the Labor Party or LNP.

"We have an attention- seeking mayor who pinned her flag to the Labor mast weeks ago when she attempted to become the endorsed candidate for the Labor Party."

He said One Nation had lived up to their commitment by putting the party who currently hold the seat at the bottom of the ballot.

"Greens last, followed by Labor and then the mayor who declared she was Labor through and through," he said.

"The Labor Party are so desperate to retain the seat of Rockhampton that they've put two candidates up this election," Mr Rothery said.

"The people of Rockhampton aren't silly, they see a wolf in sheep's clothing a mile away."

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