Mirani MP Stephen Andrew
Mirani MP Stephen Andrew Troy

One Nation MP: Just get Rookwood done

THE solution to funding Rookwood Weir is simple for Mirani MP Stephen Andrew: just get the job done.

Although he's not been briefed by the government on the $352 million project, which would sit in his electorate, Mr Andrew believes the business case proves the weir is a necessity for the region's future.

One Nationa campaigned hard on Rookwood Weir during the State Election.

The business case was released to the public on Wednesday and showed a $92 million shortfall in the original, outdated estimates.

The State Government said the project wasn't viable unless the Federal Government was willing up put up more money than their original $130 million commitment.

Prior to the release of the business case, there had been a presumption funding would be split evenly between the State and Federal governments.

However, the revised figures had thrown this into doubt.

Mr Andrew said he could not understand why the governments could not also split the shortfall, especially considering the money which was being committed to projects in Queensland's South-East.

"Get the job done and ensure there's water supply for the agriculture, for the farmers and for the cities and towns that surround it,” he said.

"It's a no-brainer.

"It was good enough to start the project, it should be good enough to finish.

"Why can't we just complete the project the way it began?

"I don't see any reason at this stage as to why it should change.

"It's for the betterment for Queensland and Australia. It would be nice just to see it completed and for the area to go ahead.”

Mr Andrew said Rookwood, and water security more broadly, was not something which should take so much deliberation.

"Responsibility should be taken on both sides and come to an amicable agreement to make sure the project goes ahead,” he said.

"The business case is strong, why aren't we just putting our heads together?”

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