One team, 3000 jobs, $745 million

MORE than 3000 full-time jobs will be created if the region's bid for an NRL team is successful.

A detailed report to councillors by independent analysts AEC Group concludes that in the first five years, a premiership rugby league team based in Rockhampton would generate $745 million for the Fitzroy regional economy and would be the catalyst for jobs and economic stimulus in the city and far beyond.

The $5000 report was commissioned jointly by the CQ NRL Bid team and Rockhampton Regional Council.

The economic impact assessment says that the benefits of building a stadium would far outweigh construction costs, estimated at $228 million.

It says the additional income to the region in wages and salaries paid to workers in industries that would benefit would in themselves total $215 million in five years.

The 20,000-seater stadium would include a 1000-person conference centre capable of housing major events and would provide a point of focus and unification for Central Queensland.

And with Rockhampton broadcast to a national and international audience through televised NRL games, the region's potential would be further heightened, says the report which will be presented to councillors at Rockhampton City Hall today.

“The AEC Group review findings demonstrate that the CQ NRL Bid is worthy of recognition as an economic development initiative.

“It could be a valuable catalyst project for building a prosperous future for communities of the Rockhampton region and the wider Central Queensland economy and is worthy of advocacy,” says Penelope-Jane Fry, the council's special counsel for policy and strategy.

Under construction, says the AEC analysis, the stadium would generate more than 1000 full-time jobs and boost real estate, construction, manufacturing, professional services, transport and rental companies.

If the NRL approves the bid, the report says it will cost $182.2 million to build the stadium and conference facility, an additional $21.5 million for an adjacent academy of sport, education and life skills, plus $4 million for a comprehensive upgrade to the CQ Leagues Club.

AEC Group's research, based on responses from typical NRL supporters at existing clubs, estimates an average home game attendance in Rockhampton at 15,000.

Estimated average expenditure per spectator per game is $160 and the value of additional spending in the Fitzroy region over the course of a 13-home game season is put at $13.6 million.


  • 1000 construction jobs
  • 2120 other full-time jobs over first five years of operation
  • Major boost to retail, accommodation and food industries

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