Breast Cancer survivor Marie Gilligan is helping others with her new business venture.
Breast Cancer survivor Marie Gilligan is helping others with her new business venture.

Open mind brings unique service to CQ

BREAST cancer was never going to slow Rockhampton woman Marie Gilligan down.

Following her unexpected diagnosis at age 45, the former hospitality worker decided to farewell her decades-long career in search of something different.

But as fate would have it, a stroke of luck would come soon after she entered a social media competition – and won.

The competition offered a free course in e-hypnotherapy which Ms Gilligan said typically costs upward of $15,000.

“I’ve always been interested in the subconscious mind. It’s a funny thing because I left hospitality a few years ago and then this competition popped up,” she said.

While appointments differ from the usual face-to-face experience, the holistic health advocate said the main point of difference was her ability to treat patients across the globe.

“The great thing about e-hypnotherapy is that I’m not limited to helping people purely through physical interaction, I could help people in the States or somewhere else,” she said.

“If you think about it, the patient has their eyes closed the whole time during the actual therapy, so it doesn’t differ too greatly.

“There’s a whole procedure in case their internet or something drops out.”

While initially unsure of its effectiveness, Ms Gilligan’s interest in the treatment came after her own experience with severe anxiety, as she urged those sceptical to give it a go.

“A lot of people have definite thoughts about hypnotism, they’re sceptical and there’s a lot of myths. But psychologists and doctors are starting to use the method now.”

She stressed that preconceived notions of mind control were incorrect and that a successful treatment comes from a patient’s openness and ­commitment to believe.

“The effectiveness has a lot to do with attitude and mindset as well. I say to just look at me as a GPS. I can point you in the right direction, but you’re driving,” she said.

During her cancer scare, it was a positive mindset which Ms Gilligan said helped her through chemotherapy and early menopause – an area she now specialises in.

“I’m looking after menopausal woman as a priority, they’re on so much medication that’s trying to fix everything while trying to figure out the source,” she said.

“They suffer weight gain, depression, thyroid problems, a decreased sex drive. So many of these women lose their partners because they struggle with this change of life.”

Treatments for people suffering with addictions and disorders including smoking, drinking and gambling are also available, where sessions begin at around $150 depending on patient’s condition.

Discreet Solutions will also attend the Women’s Wellness Expo at Robert Schwarnton Pavilion, Rockhampton Showgrounds on Sunday, March 29.

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